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  1. Mike goes mobile "Zenergy Games is a new mobile game studio led by industry execs and a cast of seasoned gaming veterans with over 250 games to their names." https://angel.co/gamegavel-1/jobs
  2. "Indeed.. some should stop this shithead." [emoji23]
  3. I feel like Wile E. Coyote has finally caught Roadrunner and all life has lost purpose
  4. I believe the bulk of the 19,864 are there for the lolz.
  5. Now that's what you call a troll. So much more effective than Janus.
  6. If anyone needs a link to the Facebook post it is at https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1696447897298841&id=1616402778636687 (I guess replace the m. for a www. if you're not on a mobile device!)
  7. I can only see my own. I posted positive just to see if I could read the rest but sadly no.
  8. Have they just taken another Facebook pic down? And then there were three...
  9. Btw, has anybody (or can anybody!) uploaded the original IndieGogo video with Mike, John and Steve? It's no longer on the IGG page. Thanks!
  10. Am I the only one doubting the Kickstarter will actually be this Friday?
  11. I seem to remember Capcom and Konami (although don't quote me on that as I was listening to the podcast whilst falling asleep). The Giant Bomb guys basically dismissed the project as a joke although respectfully wished him luck.
  12. Listening now. They had a prototype before John that could run Neo Geo. Throws John under a bus then reverses over him and runs over him one more time.
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