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  1. 190 was the price chosen because any more expensive and it would have been as niche as the nt mini.
  2. I tried 1200 height at the different width presets and the thin scanlines didn't look good to me... also the razer sharp graphics didn't look as pleasing on such a large display. Just me I guess.
  3. Hmm, maybe 1080p is a good choice for 4K displays. My TV is a 1080p Sony 55W950B and 720p upscaling is basically free on it. 1080p scanlines looked like hot garbage on it.
  4. Aha. This might be why Samurai Showdown is working perfectly for me. Honestly I think 1080p mode looks terrible compared to 720p. I can get nice chunky scanlines and just the right amount of softness to the image at 720p, while filling the vertical axis completely with my TV's resize options... all while keeping everything properly scaled and nearly lag free.
  5. Super Gameboy 2 isn't too expensive if you are patient and scoop one up on eBay auction. I would give it a few months and if nothing materializes buy one.
  6. I want to get a hold of the remaining SA1 and FX titles I don't have, but am holding out for an SD2SNES successor that will do it all. Maybe in another 5 years...
  7. You have to press Start to change resolution. It's done that way to avoid accidents.
  8. I was watching that stream. Fun times. Kevtris showed up to a stream of about 12 guys to answer questions. Really nice and down to earth guy.
  9. My wife is on the TV but I wanna post a pic of how it looks when I get a chance. Integer scaled or not... it looks amazing! It looks just right to my eyes. Edit: Pic posted. Scaling looks perfect to me. Original pic is 5 MB but got shrunk to 1 MB. Original is much sharper. Settings: 720p60, 8:7 ratio, 255 scanlines (normal), V interpolation disable on.
  10. I had a feeling it might look bad and that's why it's not an option. I wish I could just see how bad it looks and decide for myself if I want to use the 721-800 line range.
  11. I used HDMI +1 size on my Sony to solve that. But it would be nice so I could fill my 1440p PC display.
  12. That display sounds very similar to my Asus PG279Q. Great displays. But I found that using Impulse mode on my Sony 55W950B is even better, once your eyes adjust to the flicker. I don't sense any motion blur anymore and it makes playing on my Sony 20" FS120 via component seem pointless, at least with an upscaled 720p image.
  13. Agreed. As CRTs become more scarce this may become the defacto standard. But there will be pushback from people that see the slightly slower timing as cheating. Eventually it will become the standard. A similar example is in the fighting game community. There was a time where anything other than the Coin-Op version of the game was shunned for tournament use... As arcade machines became more scarce, console versions of games eventually became the standard.
  14. Still have my childhood copy from release day. Interesting stuff. Would be cool if you could post a video of it being done.
  15. Would love to see the speedrunning community use the Super NT... it's perfect for capture and streaming. But we're talking about a group of people that will play a game in a foreign language even if it saves 1 second. So I doubt you'll see too many of them willing to put time into the system. I think the Super NT will remain an enthusiast's system, and never go mainstream. I thought the lack of a true 60.08Hz mode was going to bother me but I was wrong. I've put enough time into the system now to conclude that one second lost over 10 minutes is nothing I would ever notice or care about. Only reason I know it's an issue is from the MLiG review. It's so good I'm considering paring down my collection of consoles and CRTs.
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