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  1. Ordered. One of the most expected new Jag games for me.
  2. I got no confirmation of my order yet, do anybody has a contact (other then the email on the blog) from the seller?
  3. The Gallery for the ejagfest 2016 is now online. http://ejagfest.de/the-gallery-for-the-ejagfest-2016-is-now-online/?lang=en
  4. Yes, Matthias Domin was missing. McWill showed his new FPGA-Handheld Prototype (not Jaguar related), and the surprise from Gaztee was missing, because he could not make it to the show this year. The surprise from Matthias Jaap (ST-Magazine) was also not ready in time. So, we have lots of secret projects and surprises saved for next year. ^^
  5. Thanks for the Video Urs. Nice one. But you missed out the vitrine with the Hot Rod and McWills booth. ^^
  6. Thanks to the guests, helper and everyone involved. It's always cool to meet friends and other retro-gaming and atari nerds. I will send also some picture, but it can take some days. It was a great event again, see you all next year! Here is the group picture from this year: CwpD0zYWgAAGC00.jpg:large
  7. I like that you fight more then one opponent at a time. So, it plays less like street fighter one on one but more like final fight, brawler style.And because of this, I don't like the fact, that a second human player must be defeated, before you proceed to the next wave of enemies. They missed an opportunity here.
  8. Thanks a lot @masematte for the donation and your ongoing support for the event.
  9. Once the project is done, it will bring lots of new players to the Jag. Keep up the good work SainT.
  10. I would be happy to have you visiting the show. As long as you don't break anything. ^^
  11. I see what you mean. Thanks for not destroying or breaking something.
  12. If you want to break something, you are maybe better stay away.
  13. The press release for the ejagfest 2016 is now available at the website. Please spread the word and share it. http://ejagfest.de/ejagfest-2016/?lang=en
  14. I would pay 40 or more. As long as I can finally get hands on this game. If you put a nice box and everything together, would be awesome!
  15. Nice review, thank you. Maybe the upcoming SD-Card from SainT in combination with the CD-Player code from Songbird can help you to play your favorite game from Cart in the future. At least the released versions.
  16. @SainT: An everdrive like SD-Card device for the 7800 would be great!
  17. Got mine this week. Great stuff! Thanks a thousand times @SainT!
  18. Great paintings! Would it be possible to scan them in high resolution and provide the scans here?
  19. Thanks for finally offering official Cards.
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