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  1. Like last year ejagfest will be at Gamescom 2016, visit us at the retro area in Hall 10.2 – Booth A20 A21 B20. http://ejagfest.de/ejagfest-goes-gamescom-2016/?lang=en#more-3230
  2. @SuperDork3000: Glad you two like it. Looking forward to meet you there. If you are going to gamescom this year in August, ejagfest will be again a part of the 1600 square feed retro area there in hall 10.2, as well.
  3. The Président is waiting, so speed it up.
  4. For everyone who may have missed it. Here are the pictures from last year: http://ejagfest.de/galerie-2/gallery-2015/?lang=en Would be great to see more visitors from the US.
  5. Thats great, keep on. Really looking forward to it.
  6. I bring Battlesphere some Aircars, Catbox and cables. Good idea.
  7. The European Atari Jaguar Festival, “ejagfest” in short, takes place on November 5th and 6th of this year in Kleinenbroich (between Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach), Germany. We celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Atari 7800 which has been released 30 years ago in 1986. You will find more detailed information at the ejagfest.de website soon. If you plan to show something please write me a short email to “info at ejagfest.de”. You can find Flyer in printable resolution here. best regards, Björn
  8. @CyranoJ: I'm no programmer, so I just can tell you what I would like to have as a player. But the CD+Skunk would be a nice option as well. Edit: Wings of Death as card would be awesome!
  9. A Jeff Minter game collection with multiple games on it would be great. Bubble Bubble or Super Sprint are great additions to the Jag Library, as well. But the overall best thing ever would be a menu controlled collection of all ST Ports at once on CD. Together with nice screenshots and maybe short info attached in the menu. Similar CD's exist for Amiga CD32 to play 500 games. Would be great to get such a thing for Jag to play ST games. Maybe such a collection could also be used with an future release of an SD-Card adapter for the Jag to play it without the CD workaround.
  10. Great interview, lots of interesting information. Please do some more with him regarding other Atari Games he did.
  11. I'll take one. Put me on the list, please (email send).
  12. I'm happy to hear, that you got plans for the big cat as well. That would be outstanding, all demos, home-brews and prototypes on one card, no flashing one by one .. This could open a whole new world of homebrew distribution. In addition to that Beta testing like for reeboteroids will be much easier. Bright Jaguar future ^^
  13. @SainT: You got PM from me
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