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  1. Great video! Where can I get the "the Masterplay Clone" adapter?
  2. Nice PDF-book. I've downloaded it and donated. Now I need to find time to read it. ^^
  3. Saw the game live at ejagfest some years ago. Nice one.
  4. Autocorrection trolled me. Ment was "Prototype games". Maybe some time in the future someone develops an Game-Boy Pocket like Camera for the Lynx. Then we can habe all this.
  5. Great idea, especially for homebrew and photo games. Please add me to the list. Will this be available on demand after the first run? 1x uncased version for lynx 1 / Tracked, £50 insurance. Can you send the case of the card loose (not attached to card), please.
  6. I played the game only for a short amount of time back then, because I'm not a big fan of After Burner like games. Remembering it as solid but not spacial. Maybe a later more polished cart release would have helped the game to get more attention. I really should play a round sometime soon again.
  7. It's one of my favorite genres, keep on!
  8. Looks really nice. If you ever plan to sell the final designed product, I would def. buy some.
  9. This is a genre, I really miss at the Jag.
  10. Pac Man Collection delivers a great selection of games and is technically brilliant.
  11. bmx


    Thanks for the Vid!
  12. bmx


    Looks great! A video with gameplay would be nice.
  13. Thats no good news. You are around like forever. I first met you in person at Atari Shows in Neuss Germany in 1998/1999, and at ejagfests between 2000 and 2015 of course. It's always a pleasure to have you at the show as reseller and as Atari enthusiastic. I really hope the enthusiastic in you will continue to visit the shows in the future. I wish you all the best my friend! edit: Thank you Nick!
  14. I finally set up my PS TV as well, after receiving my 16GB Memory Card. TxK plays well at the TV with a PS3 Controller. Lots of fun. I'm glad, that the PS TV allows me to play TxK at the big screen. I own a PSVita as well, but I like it more on TV.
  15. Nice. Any chance to get these scanned in as digital picture?
  16. Please add me to the "Cart" preorder list.
  17. Nick's Rotarys are the best. I got one from him as well at ejagfest.
  18. Another Shoot'em up for my Jag-Arcade Stick would be cool. Maybe Gaztee could make a nice box for it. A full release on Cart or CD with box and manual would be great. I prefer the plug and play of a release over flashing it to a skunk board. But even that would be better then nothing.
  19. Thanks for making this high quality podcast. Just downloaded every available episode via itunes.
  20. The Gallery for the ejagfest 2015 is now online. http://ejagfest.de/the-gallery-for-the-ejagfest-2015-is-online/?lang=en
  21. It was great to meet McWill at ejagfest 2015. Keep up the good work!
  22. Ejagfest was just great. I will prepare a picture gallery and some reporting soon, but to get an impression of the show, please see this video made by Urs König, one of the visitors. A video walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60HzbmrMRc0
  23. Thats the solution. We need subtitles at the ejagfest. :-P
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