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  1. Feel free to visit us and see yourself. I can't speak for the festivals in france, but I think at the ejagfest in germany or at the gamescom in cologne (germany), the english only speaking visitors had no problems at all.
  2. I like the option to get it as a "cassette" ^^. Real retro feeling.
  3. I got some more info from my source. Interview: Earthworm Jim was planned for the Atari Jaguar http://ejagfest.de/interview-earthworm-jim-was-planned-for-the-atari-jaguar/?lang=en#more-1992
  4. Hey all, ​ the press release, the directions description, hotel recommendations as well as a press-kit (PDF plus graphics) are now available at the website. Feel free to share it for news and articles. This way please: Link
  5. I was looking forward to this game since I saw it at ejagfest some time ago. Would be great if you would polish it a little bit further. ejagfest 2016 release?
  6. Hey all, I would like to collect a list of things we will have on the show. So, would anybody who plans to attend and to show something write me a mail to tell me what. Email at "info at ejagfest.de" That would be great. Thanks a lot.
  7. Ordered in March 2015 and finally got my stuff this week. Love it anyway.
  8. bmx


    Picoss would be great for Lynx. Love it for the classic game-boy.
  9. Alt beer vs. Kölsch beer, yeah, lets discuss that at ejagfest on 7th and 8th of November this year.
  10. I'm still waiting for my order. Just send Mike an email, hope to get info soon.
  11. We had lots of fun with "Club Drive" tournaments at various ejagfests. Personally I like: - Raiden (Co-op) - NBA Jam TE - Brutal Sports Football - Worms
  12. bmx

    The Jag Bar

    Nick makes the best Rotary Controller I've ever seen! I had three different controller around, but his one is the best. I met Nick at ejagfest two years ago and he custom made the ultimate Rotary Controller for me. I broke my highscore in Tempest 2000 on the very same day. Great stuff.
  13. @Atlantis: Looking forward to meet you at ejagfest. If not this year, maybe next. @Gaztee: The Checkered Flag Championship is slightly easier when you are not there. I almost scored last year. @all: Reminder: ejagfest date poll ends this Friday. If you plan to attend this year, feel free to vote. http://ejagfest.de/ejagfest-2015-2/?lang=en
  14. We also have airports here in germany.
  15. Hey everybody, I just created a poll at the new ejagfest website to find the best date for the 2015 event. Feel free to vote. Direct link to the poll: Link Please check also the new flyer.
  16. You can deliver my copy to the next ejagfest this fall if you like.
  17. Order send. I love the hybrid-Cd thing. Looking forward to see more Jaguar ports.
  18. And one for me, please! Looking forward to a Cart release with box, manual and everything.
  19. @sh3-rg: Thanks for your words. Appreciated. And of course my memory of this conversation can only be a hint for further investigations on this topic. @Lost Dragon: I remember who the source is. He is working for a AAA company related to the video gaming industry at the moment. But I'm not certain if he is ok with quoting him on that in public. Btw. If I get it right, you are from UK. Just come to visit the next ejagfest this fall, after this, you will know me and some other forum members in person.
  20. I'll try to nail the source down and maybe get some more info about it.
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