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  1. Hey guys, nice to see, that you all plan to come again this year. The plannings just begun. At the moment I collect dates of other european retro-shows to avoid any date-conflicts. best reg, Björn ps: check www.twitter.com/ejagfest for updates.
  2. It's possible it was a stock sample from some library, buy a good spot by the Manic! staff. Sorry ment: Maniac! 6/1996, page 56.
  3. I haven't read the whole thread and just want to add some trivia. As far as I remember, was the the elevator sound from Resident Evil 1, the exact same sample as in Alien VS. Predator from Rebellion (Jag). I don't know how this comes, but the file on the CD for the elevator sound was named something like AVP_Elevator_Sound. I think a german magazin (Maniac!) wrote this as trivia in an review article about RE1 back in the days. Edit: The Review is printed in Maniac! Issue 12/1994 Page 68. Could't find it online.
  4. Nice looking boxes. Would you sell them?
  5. bmx

    Soul Star

    Sounds great! Can't wait to get a copy. This is one of the most interesting Jag projects for me. Keep on the good work.
  6. I can also wait, no problem. Take your time.
  7. This year the ejagfest was again a great success, thank you all for attending and I hope to see you again next year. @Gaztee: Congratz for finaly winning the Checkered Flag Cup! Sadly I totally missed the Jag-Arcade board ... just discovered it on the pictures. Too bad ... hope you can bring it around next time, again. ^^ @Peter: Thanks for the nice report. Here are some of my pictures: http://www.dropbox.com/gallery/230112/1/ejagfest%202010?h=8216e1
  8. Don't think we will be there until 2230-2300 Just hope somewhere is still open for food! it could be hard to get a currywurst at this time. but nearby there is a McDonalds and a KFC if you want to go the "American Stlye" It looks like the "Currywurst" rules this thread again.
  9. Mit kartoffel... You can get a "Schnitzel" with "Kartoffel" if you like.
  10. When I looked into going a couple of years ago I found the Park Inn in Kaarst was cheap and appeared to be only a 5 minute walk from the venue, never been to a Park Inn though so I don't know what thay are actually like but you could try it. Thanks, I'll check!! Another Hotel near the location would be the TSK Sport Hotel http://www.mon.de/dus/tsk but sadly they have only a very simple homepage.
  11. Even the German railroad system is on the decline due to cost-cutting and schedule "improvements" (most of them meaning that trains won't any longer stop at smaller stations), but it's still darn cheap if one buys tickets early (Hamburg-Düsseldorf for EUR 29 one way for a single person, EUR 49 for two travellers) - the Japanese and the Swiss railroads are said to be way better. Thorsten The Japanese rails network is phenominal Just like the country itself!! Anyhoo, I am hoping that the Barmaid is still there? We will see ... last time I saw her, was at ejagfest.
  12. Great! This year is gonna be awesome (again)!
  13. Thanks Lars for opening this thread, I was really bussy at work for the last days, so I'm late with the official announcement. I will contribute the press-release soon.
  14. Thanks for the reply Curt. So, it is not sure, that the Highscore-Only Module will ever go in production?
  15. Can I also preorder the "7800 High Score Modules CX-78HSM" somewhere yet? I asked the same question in the other thread, but no one awnsered ...
  16. Can I also preorder the "7800 High Score Modules CX-78HSM" somewhere yet?
  17. The expansion module will work fine with the back catalogue games and all existing homebrew games. Cool, then I'm in.
  18. I also scored at Tempest 2000 at the gamescom 2010 retro booth (473081 Points).
  19. bmx

    Soul Star

    Yeah! Can't wait to give a random stranger money for it! I just want this game.
  20. As long as it is compatible with the "Pac-Man Collection for the 7800" I'll take one of the "7800 High Score Modules CX-78HSM".
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