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  1. Aren't they all at CGE in vegas as I type?? Hope I can make this years event in Germany, we always have a great time. Our favourite game is always ordering drinks from the ageless barmaid & seeing how many we get!! That & my (almost) annual coming 2nd at Lynx checkered flag!! Would be great to have you guys again at the show. Last ejagfest was one of the best shows ever. You and your bar-games ^^. I think the barkeeper is looking every time forward specially to you guys, because he can sell lots of german-beer and typical german-food (Schnitzel anyone?) to you.
  2. Hey Klove, what about the render-intro and the larger color-palette used in CF for the Jag? This makes the jag-port a little bit better in my eyes. For Dragon I remember some nice render-background grafics in some levels. Aren't they uniqe in the Jag port? At least the larger-color palette should be an advantage in both games over the genesis versions, shouldn't it? best reg, bmX
  3. I can live without all the homebrew puzzle-games. I buy them anyway, because I'm a Collector. ^^
  4. Hum, seems like the International Spiel Tag in Essen will be on October 21 to 24. If the next Atari Jaguar Europe Festival still helds near Essen, and on the same week-end, I will try to attend to both (there is usually too much people on saturday in Spiele Messe) @all: Yeah, that was a really great e-jagfest! Glad you guys had fun, too. @Fadest: I'll keep that in mind, but there are still some other things to follow. We will see.
  5. Thats cool. Near the location is the "TSK Kaarst Sporthotel" and in Kaarst are some places to stay over night. The show ends usually around midnightg.
  6. @Christos: Yes, it's near to Düsseldorf, aprox. 15-20 km. By train about 20 min. You can also check out the location plan @ www.jagfest.org/euro @Fadest: Would be cool to see you there. cheers, Björn orga / e-jagfest
  7. Really Cool and unexpected release! A DVD-Cover would be very cool.
  8. IMHO, the chance that a Jag programmer has a really unique idea is close to zero, since there are so few of them and even nearly every PC game published today is just a re-implementation of games done dozens if not hundred times before (OK, "Portal" brought something really unique to the 1st person genre, but also this title was based on another title: Narbacular Drop). So instead of new ideas, I hope for people coming up with good implementations of old ones (e.g. take platformers like Gods, Lionheart, Deliverance, Leander, Baal, Turrican, etc. pp. and blend the best parts of these into one single title with graphics and sound accodring to the Jaguar's capabilities). Same with 3D Jump'n'Runs (although i would like to see one with a rat as the main character - though I'm not in favour of the artificial cuteness of Remy, I'd like a more realistic look), arcade-style shmups, etc.. Thorsten my point is to create your own game is better as a simple port. i like ports of good games, too (worms e.g.). but a nice remake, an improved(!) turrican or something, is far prior over that and a very cool thing. it´s not necessary to create milestones in games history, but a simple 1:1 port is not what the jag needs in first place.
  9. realtime strategy is just not the right genre for consoles. why making a bad port of a good game? it´s much better to create a uniqe new game with the same effort of time and resources.
  10. I definitely need such a skunkboard, too!
  11. On my Jaguar I would like to see... a racing game like "super cars" or "Badlands" etc. an action platformer like "turrican 1-3", metal slug etc. a shooter like "raiden 2", "thunder force" etc. a platformer like "scrapyard dog", "super mario" etc.
  12. To be more accurate, it is a ForceDesign title...ie...this one is purely Terance's(The Graphics Man's) design with Scott Walters(JagMod) doing the tech coding. I only did some sound stuff in this one. The SkunkBoard is really helping Scott move along to make the last few tweaks. Either way! We are waiting to purchase our copies! I´m also interested
  13. bmx

    E-Jagfest 2008

    hey guy, here are some pics from me: http://picasaweb.google.de/atarianer/EJagf...ey=7mtPNH_3rEQ# e-jagfest was again great fun, hope to see more of you guys next year @Atari Smeghead: The arcade stick was an ebay find and I got no plans (nor knowlege) to sell it or do any reproductions of it . But some guys at e-jagfest "kingcar and other" plan to produce an "jaguar arcade stick". Hope they progress well and fast. reg, björn
  14. E-Jagfest 2008 is coming soon more infos here http://www.jagfest.org/euro/display.php?file=9&lan=en
  15. Braingames... I found this box picture... Think we'll never see that one released. BTW, I ordered Breakout 2000 from Telegames, 2 month ago I received this message from them: "Just to update you we are actually having more manufactured right now and these will be in stock shortly - within 10 - 20 days." I'm still waiting, and I think Songbird Production is also waiting for there back-order. btw, Ultimate Brain Games was released by telegames for Gameboy Advanced. http://www.telegames.com/ubg.htm The quality of the conversion should be close to the never released Jaguar version.
  16. Belboz is implementing an EEPROM Hi-Score save feature for the game so that will be in there on this release This would be very cool. Thanks for the info.
  17. I hope it will support hi-score save and maybe a savegame that you can restart at the last played level. This feature was missed in the first version. Maybe I would buy a version with this features a second time.
  18. Let me show you another picture of my silver Jag in action... For more ejagfest 2003 pictures please check www.e-jagfest.de (tomorrow 26.11.)
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