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  1. What you mean "back into"? I grew up with the 2600 and never stopped loving it.
  2. Yea, I would like to come across another one for my second atari. The one I already have has a little bit of damage to the bottom corners, but that's what you have to expect when it was bought new and has been used ever since. It is great for if you have a few specific games you play most.
  3. Ok, I have this cover for the 2600 that fits atop the console. It has space for 10 games and a slot/pocket (whatever you want to call it) that i presume ids for manuals. it's about maybe 8 inches tall. I know it's not uncommon, but I've never run across anyone talking about one. What is it called?
  4. I would love to see a pic or scan and have at least a vague idea of what you are looking to make
  5. Well, I was right when I said that I had a feeling there would be more missing. I am sure of 9. But on a happy note, I found my rf switch and adapter so at least I can play the ones that I still have. I've bought probably 30 carts since I last played so I look forward to finally being able to give them a test run.
  6. Controllers are no longer included, but I did find another game cartridge. Galaxian.
  7. absolutely sure. i have no roms, only the real thing for me tyvm
  8. that is, without rf switch, without adapter, without controllers, just the console in working order
  9. ok, sorry for any misunderstandings, in the line "complete with instructions, video game cartridge catalog...." video game cartridge catalog is one thing (a catalog of available cartridges), the cart is not included as I have no duplicates of either Ice Hockey or Bridge. Sorry for any confusion. -DeAnges- P.S. I have located the box for bridge and all it's contents
  10. Well, since someone never answered the last message I sent, I guess Homerun is back on the list, and it now comes with instructions
  11. Possibly one of my cousin's friends
  12. no. 2 days ago i typed up a list of all the carts i had at the time. this morning i've been looking over a list online and started realizing... wait, i had that game! but they aren't on my list of what i have now. and i've searched the entire house. they are gone. and an addition to the list of missing. dark cavern and gravitar
  13. I was looking through a list of game titles to see what I wanted most, and I start seeing titles that aren't on my game list, but I know I have bought. So far I've found that Canyon Bomber, Frogs and Flies, Reactor, Arcade Pinball..... I have a feeling I'm gonna find out even more are missing. Lame huh?
  14. I swear I only typed "I donot have" once..... oh well
  15. Hey, do you not have anyone from Washington state? -DeAnges-
  16. Hey, do you not have anyone from Washington state? -DeAnges-
  17. The Cars for old music Mindless Self Indulgence for new
  18. DeAnges


    aside from the huge hole in the bottom of your vcs, is there any damage to the electronics?
  19. Just a question for everybody. What game have you put the most hours into? For me it's Cosmic Ark with Berzerk in second and Gorf in third
  20. I don't have a want list. I would like to trade for a package of atari carts or accessories, preferably carts, with near equal weight (thinking of shipping charges), or less common games that I do not have I do not have. Is there anything specific that I listed that you are interested in?
  21. that's pretty much what i figured, but i was just wondering why the rarity guide would be specific to only that year
  22. Ok, as the subject says, this might be a stupid question. I was looking through the rarity guide and I saw that two of the RealSports games had under label "silver 1982", my question is, why is the 1982 there?
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