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  1. Here is another scan from a Dutch game magazine:
  2. I have figured out where the fire at Megasellers was. In the video you will see a number 20, in Streetview I found out that the address was "De Limiet 20 in Vianen". Apparently Megasellers was first located at this address and later they moved to the old Atari address "Hagenweg 7b" I've also been looking for old pictures of the building, trough Wayback Machine I found them back. Only 2 small pictures but these are taken not very long after Atari was gone.
  3. Wow Fred this is really nice. Very detailled info. Only the fire video is incorrect, it was another building close to Hagenweg. What I did found trough 'web archive wayback machine' are pictures from the Atari building about a year after Atari left. I'll upload them
  4. I uploaded the Jaguar 'spinning cube' sprite: Looks like an old book uses the exact same image
  5. It's Lake Atitlan in Guatemala
  6. Very interesting to read all this stuff, thanks! Still wondering if somebody has photos of that time. The video with the fire that I posted earlier appears to be a different building so it did not look like this. I searched the internet again and found some pictures from a real estate website where the building was gray, this was probably how it looked in the 90's: Also found som pictures from the inside of the warehouse. This is probably where all our European Jaguar games and consoles were stored I was near Vianen yesterday and made a little stop again, the last time it was empty but now they are busy renovating. There is apparently a new company located.
  7. In Kasumi Ninja's story and credits screen there is the 'Kasumi Island' photo. I always wondered if this was an existing mountain or that it was designed by a computer. We have Google Reverse Image Search these days and uploaded the screenshot. To my surprise, immediately got the original picture that the creators used! They only made the image a little darker and replaced the sky. (I also recreated the screen myself just for fun) Kasumi Ninja screenshot: Original Image from reverse image search: Recreated version:
  8. Now we talk about the Atari Benelux headquarters, I recently found a video from the 1196 Borregas building in Sunnyvale. I always was curious how it looked inside. It's from 1990:
  9. Thanks Fred! Very interesting story, I didn't know that. In the late 90's I bought a lot of games from a German seller, probably the one that bought the the remaining stock. I heard also a story that short after Atari left there was a big fire in the same building. I found a video on YouTube: It looks like it's the same building. MegaSellers was also located at Hagenweg 7B. Is this how you remember the building, with the blue metal panels?
  10. Hi, you're right about lot of companies use the word 'inter' in front of it. Most of the time it refers to 'International'. I think in the case of InterToys it's just a name that sounds good. They started in 1979 and have 305 stores.
  11. At the bottom of almost every Jaguar game box there's and address in the Netherlands: Hagenweg 7B, Vianen. This is where the Atari Benelux headquarters were located in the 90's. When Atari was just out of business in 1996, a Dutch toystore (Intertoys) bought the remaining inventory of 2600, Jaguar, Lynx and games and sold them very cheaply. This was when I bought my Jaguar for about $25,- I remember seeing multiple copies of now rare games (AvP, Atari Karts, Rayman etc.) sold for 10 bucks! (whish I bought them all back then). Now, 20 years later I still own all my original Jaguar stuff and made me curious what happened to the Atari Benelux building, since I live in The Netherlands it was about time to make a trip and take a look at what's left of it today. I did some research of how it looked before and found pictures of it. The first thing I noticed that all of the buildings were recently restyled on the outside. The blue metal sheets are replaced by wooden panels. Eveything else looks just the same I think. When Atari was out of business, the building had several companies located but it isn't occupied for a while now. It's always sad to see empty office buildings where once was one of the most known companies in the history of videogames. Does somebody here have pictures of the building when Atari was still here?
  12. Thanks for posting this Curt! I am interested in the music score and want to put the complete soundtrack back together. I found the samples and midi score but does somebody know how to convert the (compiled midi score *.scr or *.bin) to readable *.mid or other tracker format? Thanks
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