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  1. Also, I don't really understand, for whom this thing is brought to? PC gamers, PS gamers? Who wanted to play PS-3 titles, bought PS-3 a long time ago, they don't need PS-3 games on PC. Who didn't played PS games before wouldn't think about it to play now. Why not? Because it's easier to get actual console and play games there, then on the web-streaming thing. On-Live is dead. Why? Because of the same thing.
  2. Doesn't look very solid for me. Need to see more photos from different angles. Now it's looks like Slim have been cut out from industrial foam.
  3. It's all about moneyyy. They not lazy, they just don't have enough money. The most important word here is - enough. Quite a few indie devs are trying to reach as many platforms as possible, because it's our top priority as creators - to deliver product to massive audience. Another big thing here is that technologies are now all blending together, where differences in between the consoles and PC are so low, they don't even matter anymore. Times of 16 bit consoles are gone, you can't bring it back. Lets count how many game consoles and devices there are today: PC, MAC, LUNIX, PS3, PS4, X360, XONE, VITA and 3DS. That's it. Everything except last two can handle the same graphics. VITA gets some chopped off ports, as well as 3DS. And again, it's all takes money to publish. That's why lots of devs looking into Steam, indieDB and such.
  4. Cheap cables do the work of producing bad picture. Remove them with a better ones.
  5. No Man's Sky? More like One Man's Lie!
  6. So now I can play PS games on PC via PS Now? They must've called it Right Now/
  7. Thanks for a kind replies here! It's always cool to know how people lived back in a day. Also, I've been adding for my videos English subtitles for your foreign viewers out there, since videos originally in Russian. I'll complete all videos by the end of the August, so you can come back after and watch it all in a row. So, there more that 2 hours of TEKKEN story for your pleasure, enjoy!
  8. Absolutely! Virtua Fighter also has same cheesy chars voices and animation, but I've played Tekken 2 back in a day on PS, and didn't even knew about any other platforms or fighting games of the era, except for Famicom clones, which was popular here in Russia.
  9. It's 10s video now, this time it's all about TEKKEN TAG games! Check it out!
  10. Hi everybody! I'm searching for...any Atari 2600 game. Wait, what? Yes, I need one 2600 cartridge for a testing needs. See, I'm from Russia, and there is no Atari following what so ever. The only way I can get any games, it would be eBay. And even then prices on common games like Combat would be about $10-$20 for the game and $20 and up for shipping. INSAANE~! With that being said, I'm asking for a generous people who will help me to get one cartridge for my Atari 2600 clones. See, I have now two Atari 2600 clones, they called Rambo, and there is slot for cart, but I can't test it at all! So, it would be great if I can use it for something like flash-cart, but I don't know if its working properly. So, if anyone live near Russia and have some spare games to share, please tell me about it. I can pay for shipment, if needed.
  11. In Russia 99% of CRT TVs are from asian region where is no NTSC/PAL/SECAM, it's all blended together and you just switch in between. Same for VHS players and DVDs. There are imports from Japan with 110V sockets, for that you need a transformer.
  12. Great! Now I know what I have! Thanks to everyone, who helped me here. AtariAge never disappointed.
  13. Rambo it's not that rare. It's uncommon and usually over-priced by idiots who think that this is super nostalgic Atari. 0.0026
  14. Great, only two games are left: n.53 and n.64 I see a lot of Dutch titles, it must've because console was made for a Euro martket. I need time now to conclude games with titles and figure out how to play some of them! Great!
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