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  1. It’s honestly not hard to put a check in the mail, assuming you have a checking account. I mean - this isn’t some “fly by night” organization, and I’m not concerned that I won’t get my cart... If we weren’t dealing with a plague, then a money order would be a relatively easy backup option that anybody could easily take advantage of. As somebody avoiding any unnecessary travel outside the barbed wire that keeps the zombies out, I get that folks would want to avoid that option, but between the two, it’s not a big deal to get a payment off in my opinion.
  2. Sprout


    ...and another pops up on eBay... https://www.ebay.com/itm/VecFever-Vectrex-Development-Cart-/264980694503 Here's hoping 2021 is the year for a follow-up product, or a comparable product going live with similar features.
  3. Sprout


    Do you happen to know his email address? I sent a PM here a bit over 2 years ago that shows as unread, so my assumption is that he's no longer active on AtariAge. If there is a better means to contact Thomas, I'm sure many of us would love details.
  4. I am also interested in picking up a Special Edition™ version - please add me to the ever-growing waiting list 🎉
  5. Interested, but out of town all weekend so going to miss this one unfortunately!
  6. Picked up three sets for myself and my brother. Long road to get there, but glad it worked out, and thanks for your efforts in making this happen!
  7. Great news - looking forward to picking these up. To confirm - both the outer membrane and the internal mylar pieces will be available for purchase?
  8. Running on an emulator - unclear whether this is more of a tech demo, vs. something that's a WIP. Translation from the video description: "I am running with paraJVE. It did not reach to the real thing in various ways, but it is just the atmosphere and w. The laser gun was to be left to the overlay."
  9. Glad to see this thread back from the dead, and still up for several!
  10. Bump - this still under consideration, or is there not enough interest to justify even the 100 unit order?
  11. Since I'm in the middle of working/cleaning several of these - here are several shots of the parts in question for a 1st-gen/2609 Intellivision controller:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wgmfl5qjcimvsty/AAAKxTNrE1c2iNJqMhPvUWAAa?dl=0 Count me in for several replacement circuit matrices... (3 or 4).
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