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  1. Why do my posts and everything require moderator approval all of a sudden?

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    2. Albert


      This recent change affects ANY accounts that have less than five posts, regardless of the age of the account.  Without making things more complicated on my end, it was easiest to just deal with this particular consequence.  Posts are generally approved very fast, either by me or another moderator (we get a notification instantly when a post needs to be approved).  And, again, once you have five posts that restriction goes away.  I'll probably remove this once I get the forum upgraded to the latest version soon, as it has better SPAM mitigation than the current version of the software.  I'd say that at least 20% of registrations to the forum are spammers, that is, 20% that gets through the initial spam checks, the actual number is MUCH higher.  And even though I manually approve accounts (which is time consuming), it's not always obvious that someone is a spammer until they make their first post (or posts).

    3. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      Oh wow this is your original account... lurking for 6 years! amazing!

    4. prototector


      Just saw the responses now. No worries, I completely understand. I thought it was just my account and it was flagged for some reason.

      And yes, I created this account a few years ago ;) 


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