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  1. Yeah the "let alone any", is what I what I could have maybe predicted but there's no way in hell I'd imagine carts with tiny supercomputers inside.
  2. I'm pretty sure this was later surfaced in this very long thread but appreciate your contribution!
  3. That was an amazing night. I miss those...
  4. Hey CPUWiz. Before you peace out I want to tell you and everyone how much I appreciated your dedicated help when I was on a tight deadline to get my Mega Man demo out all those years ago. You really came through with coding advice and boards for me and a lot of good stories. Thanks so much.
  5. C? ARM? Chris you big fat cheater. I love it! Great job. It's fantastic.
  6. djmips

    BLiP Football

    Sorry I missed your stream James. I thought it was Friday. 😅
  7. djmips

    BLiP Football

    That is fantastic to hear! Really!
  8. yeah, if you check out the video in the previous comment they get to the boss for example.
  9. Keep it arcade perfect, ignore the people who want color. If they want it original they can just tape cellophane to their TV.
  10. There was a post today on fb by Graham Toal with a pattern to cut a cartridge box with a vinyl cutter. "Input file for the "Make the cut" vinyl cutter program, to create a box very similar in size to the standard Vectrex game box containing a cartridge, manual and space-filling insert. Details on exactly how to make a box will be posted as a separate article. Cut files in other formats may follow. Created for 17x11 in paper or larger (to the limit of what a wide format inkjet printer can handle)." https://www.facebook.com/groups/vectrex/permalink/1310735169136857/
  11. I feel like it would just add clutter. I get where you were going with that. But if you think about it the bars are a necessity in real life but not needed for a a video game.
  12. There's this design as well. https://hackaday.io/project/28295-vectrex-cartridge There's an OSHPark link for the simple version of the board. Note this also has solder mask around the fingers which has been noted to cause problems in some cases but it should probably be fine if he's used them successfully. https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/wJFL6D41 For his latest design with all the Kicad etc it's linked from Hackaday but I'll also add it here. https://github.com/FrankBuss/bloxorz
  13. Gee thanks for the nomination for Arcade Pong!
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