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  1. I'm not skilled enough to be able to modify my own paddles to work with the FB 9. Is anyone making and selling these?
  2. There was a port for the Tapwave Zodiac, too.
  3. I'm still running MAMEUI64 0.143 from June of 2011 on my desktop. I'm running MAME4droid 0.139u1 on my Android Nvidia Shield. There's an update it wants to download, but I won't let it, because what I have now works with my ROM set.
  4. I can't keep up with MAME and the need for new ROMsets.
  5. And the bottom row was cut off for Treasure of Tarmin, making it unplayable. I'm still bitter.
  6. This. Hopefully there have been several dates already and she's expressed an interest in your Atari, because this just seems like a bad idea.
  7. I preordered from Amazon, and it showed up today, on release day. I wonder if there's Mini Fatigue out there. I went by Walmart after work to do some shopping, and I saw 2 of these in the case.
  8. I saw from an online review that it uses the same stock emulator. I ordered it anyway, and I picked up my $20 Playstation Classic from Gamestop today.
  9. That's an interesting solution. With all the complaints about the emulator, does this also replace the emulator or include any firmware changes? Or is the emulator good enough as is? With ROM sites having dried up, I might go this direction.
  10. The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is on sale at Steam for $14.99. That was about the right price for me, so I picked it up. Digital Eclipse does good work with lots of extras, and this package is no exception.
  11. Finally got around to opening and checking out the BittBoy I received weeks ago. So far, I like it much better than the PocketGo. That screen is really nice, and I don't notice any light bleed with it. There's a little scratch in the black bezel where light comes through, and that's annoying, but for the price point? I guess that's to be expected. Side by side, the BittBoy feels like a better build than the PocketGo. The NES emulator is still shit, which is too bad. Everything else that I'd expect to be playable is, though. I'm not really expecting much from SNES and up. A volume wheel would be nice. You can change volume to a few presets with select and A or B, but you're stuck with those set levels with nothing in between. I'm also not sure about the form factor, as far as comfort goes. Maybe I just hold it weird, but I couldn't play this for long stretches.
  12. The bottomish left is a reflection of the light bleed from the top left.
  13. My expectations must have been way too high, because this is a purchase I regret. I was hoping this would be a decent go-to for GBA gaming. The processor is just too slow. There's enough lag in the GBA emulator that it throw off gameplay. Forget about the NES emulator. I'd call that one unplayable. The GB emulator is good enough. I haven't tried the rest, because 8GB (like 6.5 usable) isn't a lot of space. I could buy a bigger micro SD card, but it doesn't seem worth the bother. Unfortunately I have an unopened BittBoy that I bought right before this arrive. I'm sure that'll be the same experience. I'm running custom firmware 1.1. My particular unit also has a problem with the screen, where it looks like it wasn't installed properly. See the white lite at the top of the attached photo. Trying to work with China to return or exchange it is frustrating, to say the least. Between this and the Bittboy that I've yet to try, this is probably $75 I'll just write off as a bad decision. I don't understand all the gushing reviews of this.
  14. On a PocketGo: For the life of me, I cannot get my Windows 7 computer to assign a drive letter to anything but the boot partition of the micro SD card. As a result, I cannot add my own ROMs to the card. Disk Management can see the partition, but it cannot assign a drive letter, so I cannot get to it. I tried downloading custom firmware using instrucions at https://jutleys.wixsite.com/bittboynew4u/post/preorder-the-new-bittboy-pocket-go-35-99-ships-on-15th-june-2019, but that didn't help. In fact, it wiped out the ROMs that came with it, so I'm in worse shape than when I started.
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