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  1. On a PocketGo: For the life of me, I cannot get my Windows 7 computer to assign a drive letter to anything but the boot partition of the micro SD card. As a result, I cannot add my own ROMs to the card. Disk Management can see the partition, but it cannot assign a drive letter, so I cannot get to it. I tried downloading custom firmware using instrucions at https://jutleys.wixsite.com/bittboynew4u/post/preorder-the-new-bittboy-pocket-go-35-99-ships-on-15th-june-2019, but that didn't help. In fact, it wiped out the ROMs that came with it, so I'm in worse shape than when I started.
  2. Nice. If it's as well done as their SNES controller, I'll be getting one for sure for Android emulation.
  3. From someone who benefits from the fruits of your labour and the labour of others who work hard on emulation like this, thank you for all that you do!
  4. Looks like the direction is to put the non-program files into Appdata or My Documents. I'm just an end-user who doesn't contribute to the project, so I know my opinion mostly doesn't matter. But with emulators, I much prefer everything to be self contained in 1 folder, not spread all over the hard drive. Maybe I'm in the minority.
  5. Is there a way to modify the base directory? I've modified all of the Configure Paths to C:\Games\Stella, but I'd really like for stella.ini to be in that location as well, instead of in ~\AppData\Roaming\Stella
  6. dgdgagdae

    RetroN 77

    Does anyone know if the new and improved joystick is included at this time, and if so, how to tell the difference from the outside of the box?
  7. I have a Flashback 5 that came with AtGames paddles. If I'm understanding you: Flashback 5 paddles should work with the Flashbacks (from 3-8?) before the Flashback 9 as well as with original hardware. Original Atari paddles should work with the Flashbacks (from 3-8?) before the Flash back 9 as well as with original hardware (obviously). There are no paddles that exist that will work with the Flashback 9. Is that right?
  8. Considering I'm still running Stella 3.7.4, maybe it's time to upgrade.
  9. I don't even see the coupon anymore. Target.com simply lists it at $59.99, with no coupon needed.
  10. This one looks interesting.
  11. It's yet another loyalty program so they can track you and your purchases. In return, you get some discounts and digital coupons. I believe they even reserved the purchase of the SNES Classic at one time for Cartwheel users. Look what they're doing with the PS Classic - the stores sell it at full price, even though everyone else has dropped the price to $60, then they make you use the Cartwheel app to get it for $60.
  12. I'm surprised they did that. I just read the terms of the offer on the Cartwheel app, and it says "Cartwheel cannot be applied with price match."
  13. I read an Amazon review that said the FB 9 only works with AtGames paddle controllers (not included) and not with original Atari paddles. Is that correct? This sounds like the ultimate Atari emulation box, if it can use original paddles. Oh, and what about other controllers, like the keypad for Star Raiders?
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