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  1. BuckoBrand


    My sister Daisy has an account, and she wants me to play EVERY SINGLE GAME SHE DOES. Talk to your kids NOW.
  2. BuckoBrand


    Roblox is a very cool game where you can play millions and millions of minigames made by other users. If you want to friend me, my username is BrownCanoe46. You can edit your avatar to look really cool. Roblox Studio is what Pc-mac users get after playing their first game. Roblox studio is what people use to make their games.
  3. I LOVE DIG DUG ps. I'm sorry, i love dig dug so much i forgot the period. :3
  4. We have Driving Demon, Henhouse, Ambulance,Rabbit Trail, St. Nick, and Video Vegas, but we do NOT have Schnoz-Ola. So the three rarest we have are Video Vegas, St. Nick, and Rabbit Trail. Ha! Who knew?
  5. Yesterday I played a number of things. IOS Ipad: Idle Supermarket Tycoon(amazing game, you should play)-10 minutes Brawl Stars(another awesome game)-30 minutes OS9 IMac: Age of Empires II-70 minutes Asus Computer: Minecraft-100 minutes
  6. Mom just found a cute little kitten on the side of the road. Her name is Cheety. I estimate she is around 3-4 months old.
  7. Thanks for all the reactions!
  8. Cats. Cats are supreme. They always know how to work themselves into the deepest chambers of our heart. But, sometimes, they can be mean. Like, in my favorite show, a cat says: "I plot your destruction while you sleep." Lol. Anyway, cats. Cats can be silly or serious. Or, they can be absolutely hilarious. Like, for example, Grumpy Cat. I mean, look up Grumpy Cat. Look at that face! So any way, cats. BuckoBrand, signing off.
  9. BuckoBrand

    The Snowdin Times

    Thanks! I like to make friends!
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