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  1. Cats. Cats are supreme. They always know how to work themselves into the deepest chambers of our heart. But, sometimes, they can be mean. Like, in my favorite show, a cat says: "I plot your destruction while you sleep." Lol. Anyway, cats. Cats can be silly or serious. Or, they can be absolutely hilarious. Like, for example, Grumpy Cat. I mean, look up Grumpy Cat. Look at that face! So any way, cats. BuckoBrand, signing off.
  2. BuckoBrand

    The Snowdin Times

    Thanks! I like to make friends!
  3. ... where I got my first TI99. It was last Christmas, where my new desk was hidden behind the couch. On that couch, was a red gift for ME. I opened it at the end, and I found the TI in a case. We moved the couch and removed the desk, set up the desk, and set up my TI on it. I started out by playing a bit of Parsec, then some Hunt the Wumpus. It really was a happy day. I just wish you could have been there. It was like a joyous reunion with someone, but I did not know this beige TI. Thanks to Opry99er, for being an awesome dad.
  4. BuckoBrand

    The Snowdin Times

    I make the Snowdin Times, a fictional newspaper for everyone's entertainment. Thanks to HOME AUTOMATION for boosting up my creativity with his awesome post. Thanks to Opry99er for being an awesome dad. Anyway, The Snowdin Times have 4 entries or more, fitted with cool articles and clip art. Thanks to Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale, for giving me the inspiration to make the Snowdin Times. I am going to try to code an Undertale game to the TI99/4A. Anyway, that's it for this entry, leave lots of comments!
  5. TI99: Chisholm Trail 10 minutes TI Invaders 5 minutes Hunt The Wumpus 5 minutes Alpiner 20 minutes (I reached Mt. Garmo!!! ) (I know this is not a competition, but my score is 19026!! ) All done!
  6. OH, NICE! I WANT ONE!!!!! :O :O :O
  7. I need a pic of a ti99 in a taco to finish the Snowdin Times #3.
  8. THE PAIN! THE AGONY! TURMOIL IS NOT ON THE POLL! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
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