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  2. is currently in Singapore!

  3. Agreed. We should focus on the board, first and it seems Mark and Candle may have that under control. We already have a working telnet app that others can use to test with it. Some of us could work on the bare bones tcp stack... I really think it would be good to also branch away from Contiki for those who want something light weight. It seems Dan has that under control. And, some of us work on getting the code to run from extended memory and under the OS to extend Contiki. I would like to see the other apps working, then I want to see the contiki GUI in action, and eventually *maybe* see the GUI extended for the VBXE (long-term). If we think that is too much, let me know. Do you want to take some of this discussion over to the developer's board on sourceforge?
  4. Emulation would be very nice to have. I do not believe that the current hardware would need to change much as far as emulation is concerned (maybe some hardware stuff needs changes or the address need changing, but not much else since it is working). I believe someone has built an ethernetcart-ready C64 emulator for the CS8900a. Maybe we can reuse some of their sources. Basically the cart needs 16 address from $D500 - $D50f. Just need to map those registers to the cs8900a code. Should not be too bad. --C
  5. flashjazzcat, There are two different ways you can use Contiki. 1. Use the Contiki CTK and desktop 2. Build stand-alone applications I was taking route #2. Basically the telnet application does not use the desktop. It only uses the Contiki core which uses UIP. There is no reason to integrate the GUI into the applications. I wanted them to be stand-alone so you can run them from any DOS. Right now the code uses pretty low mem (from 0x2000 to 0xbf00 or something similar). The only DOS that work well and had a low enough lomem was SpartaDos 2.3. You will need to run with this for now. I agree with danwinslow. Once the ethernet board is made there is no reason someone cannot just use UIP or LwIP or some other IP stack and build applications without contiki. Contiki just has done some of this for you AND you do not have to use all of Contiki. I think a good path to take would be to produce some more applications: telnet, irc, telnetd, ftp, webbrowser, email, etc... that can run from most any DOS and hence from most any GUI. The example telnet app I had is a modified version that has all the CTK GUI stuff stripped out. This way the applications are not Contiki OS centric per se, but rather more Atari centric and do not require the Contiki desktop to run. What I wanted to do was work out a good scheme to run from extended banks in order to produce the other applications without the Contiki Desktop. Running from under the OS was starting to work, but I think the code was trying to call code in the OS while it was switched off and could not quite figure it out. Basically I think the core of Contiki will fit in low mem and under the OS ROM.
  6. I actually have an Altair 8800. It can be seen in my AtariAge gallery: http://www.atariage....9-img-0635sjpg/ I am working on getting it online with the mess of cables there... Actually, it is not too far fetched to get the altair with monitor and serial port additions online.
  7. Sounds good spookt. The more testers the merrier! Flashjazzcat, glad to have your help and expertise on board!
  8. I definitely have to thank everyone for this!!! In less than 2 days, we already have a webpage (thanks to beta-tester, hardware guy and now webmaster, puppetmark), sourceforge thanks to danwinslow, and many people interested in helping with the source code and with building boards. If that is not community support, I do not know what is. Way to go y'all! Check out the new webpage: http://www.atari8ethernet.com More to show up on that site, I am sure, so keep an eye out... Thanks again! Chris
  9. Hmmm, I had talked with Flazzjazzcat a while ago and borrowed his code for running under the OS ROM...
  10. They can be called either way... directly, via events (timer, key, ethernet ready, etc)
  11. I have messed with the Contiki code and did manage to get the telnet application to run with extended banks. The problem that I was running into was that the contiki core itself was too big for some applications to run from low memory. For the web browser, more code from the core was needed. I was in the process of looking into running the contiki core in low mem and under the OS ROM and have different application code in extended banks... I am certain there is a way to work it out, but it is complicated for sure, but we will get there some how... I have uploaded the source code to sourceforge, and it can be found here: http://ataricc65lib.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/ataricc65lib/contiki-2.1/ I added some code in files called extmem.[ch] (I think, if memory serves me). I modified the Contiki protothread calls to switch memory banks from thread to thread so that the main contiki thread would run from low mem and the application threads from different extended banks. It is currently disabled in the current source, but I think I will make a branch in the SVN tree to create an extended bank code set. Shawn (and any else with C or assembly knowledge and a willingness to help) send me a PM, so I can add you to the list of developers on sourceforge.
  12. I am using Contiki 2.1. I think 2.4 is now available, so I will move to that eventually. I will post the source code on the new sourceforge page thanks to danwinslow. Shawn, do you want to join the project?
  13. Hi Kernal. Sure thing. Here is the latest Telnet application. I'll post more software and hardware instructions this weekend on my site. For now, this defaults the Atari IP address to, so your router will have to handle that IP address. The hardware will mostly require the cs8900a board, an LS138 dip and some ribbon cable...more details to come. contiki_21.zip
  14. Hi All, I am back on AtariAge after a small hiatus. I have been sitting on the Ethernet Cart and Contiki port project for some time now. Originally, I wanted to produce the ethernet cart boards and provide the software and make a little bit of extra $... but I have decided that this is just plain selfish. So, what I want to do is release the Atari Port of the Contiki software into the open software domain and allow anyone to download the executables and the source code. I can also provide instructions for making the cart. I would like to avoid just handing the source code over to one other person for fear of that person just sitting on it and not doing anything with it like I have for years. (Sorry guys!) Anyway, what I am looking for is this: Someone to host a sourceforge (or some other source-code/revision-control site) site where I can upload the source code and current executables. Someone to take the instructions on how to build the PC board and actually build a PC board or full carts. The instructions are simple, but I would like to find someone who can produce boards for those who don't want to weld a soldering iron... I am not completely leaving the project and will be around to help, but I do not think that I have time to HEAD a project like this. The current status of the project is that a couple of prototype boards have worked, the simple telnet application works (See the youtube video in my signature below), and the telnet daemon to telnet into an Atari Server works. Some other code for web browser, email, ftp, vnc, etc could all be updated easily if the code can be squeezed down in size or if someone with better knowledge of running under the OS ROM or in extended memory banks could get that to work. The code is there, and it compiles. Everything other than telnet just does not fit into the Atari memory yet. Well, with that, I would also like to say that the Atari Community here and elsewhere online RULES! I have had some great fun making applications, games and some hardware for the our beloved Atari 8bit. If you cannot help with this project, if you have liked any of my previous Atari 8-bit projects (Click, Blackbox, JellyBeans, Color ANSI Terminal, 6-bit PCM player, Atari Terminal Server for the PC, bmp2atascii.pl or detokenize.pl), and IF YOU WANT TO, please send me a donation here: Donate Now! You certainly do not have to send any donations, but just if you want to. I have put many hours into these projects and did it for the fun not the money. And, I really would rather give out the Contiki source code rather than no one use it, anyway... Let me know if you can help... Thanks, Chris ps - Here are some informational links: Where to buy a cs8900a board for around $35: http://microcontroll...roducts_id=1202 http://www.olimex.co.../cs8900a-h.html Contiki main website: http://www.sics.se/contiki/
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