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  1. Hi, folks: I have a 6 switch light that I've had for years and it still runs top notch. However, the power button seems to have an issue when I power on a game, sometimes the game goes all glitch like until I flip it a few more times. After a few flips, the game is fine. Do you folks think it's a connection or just dirty? I'm not at all comfortable opening up the system to see what's wrong, as I have a tendency to wreck things once I tinker like that. If you could recommend a good cleaning, however, and a solution that might do the trick, I would appreciate your insights. In addition, if I leave the power switch on and turn off the system with the power strip, it seems absolutely fine when it powers on (no flicker). Could be a bad switch in general, I think. Your thoughts would be welcome. Steve
  2. Here's my list that I try to play every day: Space Invaders Asteroids Missile Command Berzerk Pacman Ms. Pacman Phoenix Pitfall Just to name a few, but these are my main "go to" games on any given day. This morning was Phoenix and Ms. Pacman before work.
  3. Wow, and wow again! Thank you for this.
  4. Wow. I've been on this site (and around this site) for almost 20 years. Now THAT's staying power!

    1. save2600


      That's Unbelieverble!

    2. PacManPlus


      Me Too!  Next year for me is 20 years. :)


    3. Unbeliever


      @PacManPlus Thanks! Same to you. 

  5. I agree. The artwork is still incredible to this day. It fired my imagination as I played the games and read the manuals (manuals you say? Wow...real manuals inside the box!). I even leave the game on in it's attract mode if it has one just to enjoy the nostalgia even more.
  6. Ah, the dimly lit, smoke-filled arcades of my youth. Terrible places, all of them........ Which I frequented quite a bit to play AND watch others play my favorite arcades games. Then moving to my home, the Atari 2600 became a staple but NOT a centerpiece in my life. I still had things I had to do in the outside world of video games, but the Atari was always there, waiting, for me to take a minute or two to play a game. I have a house, yard, animals, a full-time job, and responsibilities. You know what? I manage all of that and still find time to have "fun".
  7. I still have my Atari 2600 set up, with all my favorite games nearby to play at a moment's notice. Besides the nostalgia factor, Atari has always been a part of my life for the last 30 plus years. I grew up with the Atari 2600 in my house, and it was my very first experience playing interchangeable games on a television. I couldn't bear to part with it now, and the fact that I appreciate it more as the years roll by make it ideal for me. I played this morning, actually, a few rounds of Phoenix and Ms. Pacman and you know what? I still had time to get ready for work! Couldn't do that with my Xbox One and games like Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen, or Diablo III. There's no one that I know of the younger generation that would even consider playing Atari 2600 today, as it's just not in depth enough for them to latch onto. "What do you mean it's not online?" is a common question and incredulous notion for the kids. I just smile knowingly and enjoy the nostalgia all to myself. Except you folks, however, who can certainly relate.
  8. My Atari 2600 called to me last night, and I answered...

    1. GoldLeader


      I suddenly want to know more...What did ya play?  Ms. Pacman?  Pitfall?  Demon Attack?

    2. Unbeliever


      I answered with some rousing games of Ms. Pacman, and several exciting rounds of Missile Command...then topped the evening off with Phoenix. It was a good night...

  9. Been playing Space Crew a lot lately, purely discovered it by chance. Also began (again) Diablo III and some classic arcade gaming on my Xbox One. Stoked that the Diablo II remake is coming, plus looking forward to Diablo IV when it eventually arrives. Other games I was playing have dropped by the wayside for now. My interest changes almost daily, it seems.
  10. Back into Diablo III again, most likely due to the remake of Diablo II coming out and Diablo IV on the horizon. 

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    2. Unbeliever


      Well, Diablo III would be considered "simple" I suppose, from what I've read. Treading into battle seems like you take very little damage and kill everything that moves. I'm not sure if others have had this experience, but last night when I played (on normal), it seemed harder. Maybe the last update balanced this more? It feels more in line with Diablo II now versus what it was a few months ago. I was actually having a struggle taking down some enemies, even "normal" ones. I was ecstatic about it, actually! :D Maybe it was my imagination, but it played more like Diablo II. 

    3. derFunkenstein


      @Unbeliever there is literally no cap on difficulty level, so you can certainly take a ton of damage. At higher levels, my Demon Hunter gets one-shotted quite frequently. 

    4. Unbeliever


      That's good to know. I guess I've just been playing it safe. Time for that to end. Then here comes the complaining that I keep getting killed!

  11. New game: Space Crew! 

    1. doctorclu


      Sounds like "Among Us"

    2. Unbeliever


      Sequel to Bomber Crew, which I heard was an excellent game.

  12. Welp, 12,200 on my latest arcade score of Wizard of Wor. My reaction time is way off. The computer scored 16,500. :(

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    2. Unbeliever


      Thanks, retrorussell! 

    3. retrorussell


      You're welcome!  I know how easy it is to panic on that game.

      How to Master the Video Games (Cover).jpg

    4. Unbeliever


      Very easy, I'm afraid. When the monsters start whipping around, my pulse goes way up. lol

  13. Whoops. Looking back, I purchased this separately. My fault. I'll post a score once I get better (need lots of practice).
  14. I recently got this as part of my Midway Arcade game disc for the Xbox 360. Now I just need to post a score here....time to get a game going tonight after work to see how well I do..
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