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  1. Strange...I've been playing more Atari 2600 lately due to the Fall season settling in. Must have been "automatic"..and my Xbox gets used for Netflix more while I play Atari. Starting to play Haunted House more as well, due to the holiday season. Hot cocoa goes well with Atari nights.
  2. Here's my exclusive Atari 2600 list that means as much to me today as it did back then: Asteroids Berserk Space Invaders Ms. Pacman Pitfall! Missile Command
  3. Although I personally never had the honor of talking or meeting with Curt, he certainly was a giant among men. RIP to you, Curt, and may your family find peace. Steve
  4. I personally haven't stepped back into my local Gamestop now for a good many months. I've let my "Pro" subscription go by the wayside, but I'm still getting their magazine. Hmm, not sure why that's happening..but I digress. I've been purchasing digital copies through game cards I can put on my account, and if I really want a physical game, I go to Walmart. Most times, however, it's just easier for me to shop digitally and buy games that way. Gamestop disappointed me in their practices, and you could say that I finally opened my eyes to their trade-in policies. How much money have I lost over the years? More than I wish to think about... Thanks for the memories, my local Gamestop, but adieu to you...the sooner the better. Although another store going out of business in my downtown of West Lebanon NH is staring to make the whole shopping center districts look like a ghost town.
  5. Well, I took the plunge and pre-ordered it for my Xbox One, being a HUGE Star Wars fan and love the idea of combat in an X-wing (but I prefer the heavy hitter, the Y-wing). Should be fun to play in any event. Funny, I wasn't a big fan of digital downloads, having wanted a physical copy of the games...but now I prefer the digital over the physical. Times change. lol
  6. Another excellent review, and thank you! One of my favorites on my Atari 2600 that still gets lots of play.
  7. While I don't have any experience related to the 7800 (although it has piqued my interest on more than one occasion), for pure nostalgia, the 2600 is the way to go. It was the console I grew up with, fell in love with decades later, and still have to this day. All my favorites from my childhood I managed to get again, so when playing them I can feel myself slipping back to my single-digit years....oh so long ago.
  8. Ah, well that's true. I'm sure it's difficult to make sure boxed games arrive in one piece.
  9. I haven't taken the plunge yet to go hunting for Atari 2600 boxed games, but there's quite a few I'm missing still and want (Adventure, Haunted House, and Warlords comes to immediate mind). I have a ton of loose carts, but since I really enjoy the boxed art and manuals, that's what I'm gonna shoot for. I figured unless I hit you guys up here, that was pretty much my only option (other than Ebay).
  10. Stargate...incredible game for the Atari 2600!

    1. retrorussell


      I was very impressed as well.  Everything Defender should have been on the Atari 2600.

    2. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      That's one of those games that I was always jealous a friend had and I didn't.

  11. It's so terrible, it's good! I know this game has received it's share of hate over the years, but I don't think my Atari 2600 collection would be complete without a few loose copies and a CIB. But great video, and thanks!
  12. Hi, folks, Long time Atari 2600 player and collector, looking for the latest scoop on how expensive these days collecting CIB games. What have you guys and gals run across if you collect CIB? I have a modest collection myself, and am looking for more in the near future. Thanks for your input.
  13. Here's my list: Laser Blast-for the incredible laser effects and when your ship gets hit Pitfall-very good looking game, smooth play, and good sound effects Berserk-Simply great game play, despite the lack of voice. Stargate (Defender II)-Everything from the sound to the graphics and smooth game play and lastly, Ms. Pacman-Excellent coin op conversion with different mazes and excellent sounds.
  14. That was great! Thanks for doing that review. Excellent version and seems very close to the arcade.
  15. Update from my last posting to this topic: Still playing State of Decay 2 (with the new updates applied, Juggernaut Edition), and am going to start (again) State of Decay: Year One edition. Working on Borderlands 3 and will be getting into The Outer Worlds later.
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