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    Restored Atari 2600, gathering some more games I'm missing from the boxed collection I started.

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Been gone awhile....................


But I'm back. Probably due to the fact that I couldn't remember my password and finally got around to updating it. Go me! Anyway...my main game system is the Xbox One (original model) and I've been expanding it's library. Still own an Xbox 360, Atari 2600, and Intellivision.


My primary goal is to get back to the classic game system (Atari 2600) and revitalize it. It's been gathering a ton of dust and needs much TLC. I have a great library of games that are begging to be played. After I scrape all the dust off, of course. As much as I love my modern console, the Atari 2600 always calls me back to a simpler time in gaming history.


Update: I cleaned up my Atari 2600 and made a little alcove for it with a small television. Dug out all my boxed games and found/cleaned my carts that are loose. I see that I still need a few games I haven't managed to get my hands on (yet).


Say howdy when you have a chance. Let's talk Atari any time.

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