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  1. Cheers guys, am shipping out in a day normally atm and post generally seems to have sped up a bit
  2. A very affordable PCB and label version by Andrew Coleman shipping from the UK: http://vectrex.playntradeonline.com/
  3. The game is £39 and postage, which is auto calculated against Royal Mail for International Tracked, is coming out about £18.
  4. Thanks guys, I really enjoyed the game, hence why I got in touch with the author to offer to publish an enhanced version. We've added silver ink to the packaging this time too so it's the most authentic looking boxes we've ever done
  5. The game Quartz's Quest has been updated and enhanced and is now available from www.vectorrepublic.co.uk Available as a "name your own price" rom from denebola-interactive.itch.io/quartzs-quest/ it has had a number of additions and enhancements and given the Vector Republic physical release treatment :) A quick list of the improvements/additions in this physical version over the "name your own price" digital version that came out a couple years back: - A number of gameplay balancing changes to enhance the challenge and improve the difficulty curve as well as replayability - Many graphical enhancements and additions to both the overworld and the dungeons - A custom fantasy style font added to replace the system font - Optimised text routines to eliminate flicker and slowdown on text heavy screens (by the genius that is Malban!) - Original music added to the title page composed by Jon Bennett who did the Frontier music - Interface improvements in shops to avoid buying inferior kit - Text changes and corrections as well as formatted better to work with the overlay - Bug fixes
  6. Hi, BinaryStar is right, there's no Bank Switching (or anything clever!) going on in Big Blue; just BIOS calls to set intensity... I set intensity generally at the lower end of things so on the odd Vectrex it requires the brightness to go a bit higher but mostly it's fine as is (it's ok on all 7 of my test machines). In Frontier I went a bit higher with the intensities in general. Cheers, Chris
  7. Website now updated and ordering underway... already 128 copies sold! https://vectorrepublic.co.uk/
  8. Cheers Amazingly, Big Blue has sold 482 copies in its various guises.
  9. Fantastic work, that looks great! Also interested if you decide to make a run of these.
  10. All pre-orders now shipped, getting the website updated now for taking orders properly... already 109 copies accounted for
  11. There's no demo but I've posted a few videos on Twitter and Facebook as Vector Republic... I'll record some new final vids soon too.
  12. I've quietly begun pre-orders to help pay some of the up front printing costs... if you use the Big Blue link to buy the game for your location (UK/EU/Rest of the World) and put a message in the PayPal payment to say it's a pre order for Frontier, along with your address, then I'll add you to the list: http://vectorrepublic.co.uk/gce.html Most of the individual items are ordered now so still on track to ship by the end of May.
  13. Hi Elwee, thanks for that... I have put a space in between mit and zusätzlichem.... I went with keyboard as, strangely, that is what it says on the original boxes! Hopefully getting the boxes printed next week; should have final physical product by the end of May
  14. Oh, and the game IS called Frontier... Outlaw Hill (the 2 player Vs game) is an extra on this full 1 player game
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