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  1. Hi, BinaryStar is right, there's no Bank Switching (or anything clever!) going on in Big Blue; just BIOS calls to set intensity... I set intensity generally at the lower end of things so on the odd Vectrex it requires the brightness to go a bit higher but mostly it's fine as is (it's ok on all 7 of my test machines). In Frontier I went a bit higher with the intensities in general. Cheers, Chris
  2. Website now updated and ordering underway... already 128 copies sold! https://vectorrepublic.co.uk/
  3. Cheers Amazingly, Big Blue has sold 482 copies in its various guises.
  4. Fantastic work, that looks great! Also interested if you decide to make a run of these.
  5. All pre-orders now shipped, getting the website updated now for taking orders properly... already 109 copies accounted for
  6. There's no demo but I've posted a few videos on Twitter and Facebook as Vector Republic... I'll record some new final vids soon too.
  7. I've quietly begun pre-orders to help pay some of the up front printing costs... if you use the Big Blue link to buy the game for your location (UK/EU/Rest of the World) and put a message in the PayPal payment to say it's a pre order for Frontier, along with your address, then I'll add you to the list: http://vectorrepublic.co.uk/gce.html Most of the individual items are ordered now so still on track to ship by the end of May.
  8. Hi Elwee, thanks for that... I have put a space in between mit and zusätzlichem.... I went with keyboard as, strangely, that is what it says on the original boxes! Hopefully getting the boxes printed next week; should have final physical product by the end of May
  9. Oh, and the game IS called Frontier... Outlaw Hill (the 2 player Vs game) is an extra on this full 1 player game
  10. Wow, can't believe I didn't update this since the 2 player Vs was relegated to a secondary part of the release and a fully fledged 1 player game was realised! Near;ly ready to release full boxed game with overlay etc. like Big Blue was.
  11. cNp

    Vectrex SD Cart?

    Oh, so these are ready? I believe I'm on the list so hopefully hear something soon
  12. Yes, if you search for "3D" in this guide you will find all those released: https://tbone1892001.wixsite.com/vectrex-guide Other than that, Jim Watt has been working on a 3D game for the imager and Chris Binarystar also has done some initial 3D testing that I know of.
  13. Great freebie rom Jim, thanks for sharing!
  14. A couple of Charity auctions I have running might be of interest... Charity Auction #1 Frontier Prototype + 2 x overlays https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302986537530 This auction is to raise money for a local, homeless charity @Launchpad_RDG Charity Auction #2 Vectrex game Snowball #50 and #100 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302986518883 This auction is to raise money for UCSF Children's hospital in Oakland, USA @UCSFBenioffOAK Please bid generously
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