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  1. Good evening Jeff.  Tonight after I updated my FujiNet I found that I could now print EXPANDED, ITALIC and UNDERLINED text, much to my delight.  I see that you didn't include BOLD, SUBSCRIPT nor SUPERSCRIPT.  I was wondering what other printer font attributes you did include that I'm unaware of.  Were these the only 3 that you could include with this latest update without sacrificing any more RAM in the FujiNet?  But, if you did include a few more attributes please tell me and others what they are so I can update my printer driver and include them.  Finally, I wish to offer a heartfelt thanks for your time and labor in including what I will now include while using my First XLEnt Word Processor and printouts via FujiNet.  Many, many thanks Jeff.  Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    Fred Olivas

    Gresham, Oregon

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