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  1. My kids play plenty of board games together on their iPads when we take road trips. Pretty sure you can also play board games like Monopoly and others on the Switch while not docked. I mean a Switch, if you can find one, is $299, but I would assume the price will drop further by April of next year, especially with the new Switch hardware coming out.
  2. For sure, but it doesn't change the fact that what some may perceive as the biggest potential competitor to the Amico in the family gaming space does offer that flexibility for right around the same price point.
  3. Yeah, being tethered to a television seems like a pretty big potential issue. I mean I would say that my kids play the Switch on the go at least 75% of the time and often play undocked even while in the house. Not being able to game away from home and being stuck with the console being hooked up to the upstairs television is their single biggest complaint about our Playstation 4.
  4. I think Amico has a clear vision as well. It's just that the vision is very broad and potentially targets a customer base that may or may not exist. I don't think it's fair to say that Amico doesn't have a clear vision though.
  5. Evercade is much, much smaller than Intellivision appears to be and they seem to have figured out physical carts pretty easily.
  6. Nintendo, Microsoft and Playstation all have ways of protecting themselves against piracy and all of them offer physical games on disc or cartridge. There is literally no reason the Amico could not have been designed to play physical media, but it's a choice they made for some reason. Personally, I think having to connect the system to the Internet at all is going to hurt sales with non-traditional gamers and certainly with classic gamer/collectors.
  7. And if that works for you, that's totally cool. That's not how everyone else operates though and there's nothing wrong with that.
  8. "Official" sources are inherently biased because they are designed to move product. Like most consumers, I rely on third party product reviews and feedback from people I know and trust. Personally, I have both a Founders Edition and a purple GS edition preordered, but I'm always an early adopter and I can afford to purchase products that could potentially fail quickly. Many consumers don't have that luxury and they sure aren't going to rely solely on official company sources.
  9. Is that a dead insect at the bottom of the back of the box?
  10. I agree that this is probably the case. It also results in a lot of clutter and confusion though (indeed, my local Walmart electronics section is also stuffed with video game related action figures, statues, mugs, plushes and all sorts of other junk). Hopefully Intellivision has a huge budget for in-store promo once retail goes back to normal someday as otherwise it's just going to be yet another bunch of boxes for the shelf pile.
  11. I wouldn't put too much weight behind the fact that Walmart is planning on carrying the Amico. They have also embraced those 1Up cabs and the Atari VCS and any number of plug and play systems. I mean the video games section at my local Walmart is literally stuffed with all sorts of non-big 3 video gaming devices including handhelds and mini table top arcades. It's cool that Amico will be at Walmart too, but I wouldn't confuse that with Walmart believing that this is somehow the device that will recapture the casual market that the Wii captured. As I've said all along, I think the Amico can succeed as a niche device, but I think the mass market is going to be far more elusive given all the challenges in the marketplace right now.
  12. As someone who used to participate in and host a lot of group gaming nights pre-Covid, I kinda think this is going to be a feature that nobody uses. It's a feature that sounds cool and innovative, but in a very practical sense, it won't get used. I mean, there were other games on other consoles that did this and I can recall playing some of the PS4 games with this feature at a few gaming nights and nobody wanted to use their phones. People will want to each have the same controller and not use a $400-$1000+ device to play console games on a television.
  13. I understand. I just don't think that's going to be acceptable to most people that will only buy physical games for a variety of reasons and I think it hurts them with less sophisticated gamers as well who may not want their kids on an Internet connected console.
  14. I don't think the Amico needs a cart port. Most and maybe even all of the people who would even use that already have an Intellivision that they can use to play those games. I'd be more interested in some assurance that the Amico will play physical games without the need for a download or authorization.
  15. For anyone looking, Gamestop preorders for the purple exclusive version are live for $300. They also have the black and white units for preorder at $250 each. No money down with a credit card order and free standard shipping. https://www.gamestop.com/video-games/arcade/products/amico-galaxy-purple-limited-edition-only-at-gamestop/11102038.html
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