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  1. We're you the winner of the initial set of auctions that went cheap? Oddly, those looked like the nicest copies and the feedback makes it clear that he actually sold them at the low BINs.
  2. Disagree. The one that sold yesterday has some crud over the "o" in of and at several other places along the back seam. The copy that is up today has no such crud in those places. I believe these are in fact all different copies.
  3. He does seem to have multiple copies as there were three prior listings and there are some that had worse debris under the back wrap going back to February 10th where he supposedly sold one copy of Quadrun for $250 as a BIN. I guess he finally realized the actual value.
  4. Dropmix was a failure in that less than a year after launch, it disappeared from retail and could be purchased for as little as $30 for the main game which launched at $100. I personally love it and was happy to find a few packs that I was unable to find elsewhere at Five Below. Awards and critical acclaim and individual owner love are great, but ultimately, there are no more updates or packs coming just over two years since launch and Hasbro is no longer supporting it. I appreciate your view on your responsibility as a gamer. I don't fully share it, although I do feel very strongly about physical games, so I am eager to see what Tommy has planned and I would hope that every Amico release is physical and complete (i.e. no updates or downloads required) on whatever format they are released on physically. I backed Ouya and I didn't feel scammed. I even bought the later upgraded model. It did what it was promised to do and there were games, even if most of them were not exclusive or didn't work particularly well on the controller. Now the Gamestick on the other hand I backed and that thing was straight up broken at launch and never really worked properly.
  5. I agree with you. That's why I think the whole untapped market thing is a potential problem. I think there are plenty of classic and family gamers who will be interested in Amico. I do worry that by trying to do a mass market launch right away into an unproven market, the whole project could collapse. Intellivision is not Sony that can afford to dump hundreds of millions of dollars into something that may not ever be profitable.
  6. Well, I actually shop Five Below and Big Lots and they are stuffed full of failed products. In fact, I just completed my Dropmix collection at Five Below. I personally don't think hardcore gamers need to do anything. Each of us needs to make decisions about how to spend our own money in a way that makes sense for us and makes us happy. I personally buy every new console and handheld that comes out including Ouya (which wasn't a scam in any way, just a badly launched and managed product), Stadia and everything else. I even have a preorder for the Evercade and all the games. I will also buy the Amico when it hits stores or if preorders open on retail websites, I will happily preorder one. It doesn't mean everyone else should do the same thing.
  7. The purpose was to add to the independent discussion. The point is, we keep getting data which is being presented in a manner which favors one particular conclusion. My argument was simply that even sophisticated investors and firms get this same kind of data on every product and market they invest in and yet they still lose money on most of their investments. Stores order inventory that tanks constantly which is why you see clearance sales and entire chains like Five Below and Big Lots. I hope that the product launches and that it is successful. I do, however, suspect that by going after an untapped market, the risk goes up considerably and it means that the lifespan of software support for the console could be short, especially with everything essentially being funded by the company.
  8. I agree, which makes it even weirder that Tommy keeps relying on surveys and focus groups and other methods that can be helpful, but aren't a guarantee of success or even a great product. I mean, tons of large tech companies have relied on similar data and methods and have still released terrible products. To me, it's just not relevant to my purchase decision and I find it hard to believe that potential investors are swayed much by the data. I'm sure every investor in every startup gets tons of similar data and yet if you look at the track record of many VC firms in recent years, they still lose money on a good majority of their investments and only continue to survive because of the small percentage that actually deliver great results.
  9. Exactly, as a parent myself, I find the whole idea that I shouldn't be aware of what my kids are doing and should rely on a company to do it for me to be silly. Sure, having a walled garden adds a little bit of additional assurance, but I don't know any parents in my immediate circle that would rely on an outside company to make choices about what is or isn't appropriate for consumption by their children. I mean, I'm frankly more concerned about violence than sex even though I think the research is clear that violent video games don't lead to real world violence or bad outcomes in adulthood and may actually have the opposite effect.
  10. Either do you. All of this is pure speculation until the thing launches. The thing about untapped markets is that sometimes they are untapped because there is nothing to tap or it's just too expensive and there is not enough profit to be had to convert the market into adopters of something. I mean part of the genius of the Wii is that you could just plug it into your TV and pop in the pack-in game and you were off and running. No need to download games or connect to WiFi or learn how to use a proprietary touch screen. For some people and maybe for most people, offering them a console that is slightly easier to use than the existing choices out there might not be enough to convince them to make the leap, especially in a world with virtually unlimited cheap entertainment options.
  11. The data I have seen is that about 60% of seniors aged 65-69 in the US own smartphones and 50% of seniors aged 70-74 own them. I will acknowledge that there is a large population of people out there that either use simple phones or don't use cellular phones at all, but how interested are those people going to be in a gaming console, especially one that will require a WiFi connection at home and connection to a television? I mean, you'll need to have some technical knowledge and existing WiFi infrastructure to even make the Amico work in a household.
  12. It's funny how spot on this is with my own experiences and thoughts about why one of the major underlying premises about Amico's mass appeal versus appeal to a niche of existing gamers might be misguided.
  13. I wonder though how interested someone who finds the Switch parental controls too complicated will be in a device like the Amico. I mean, even if it's super intuitive, I can imagine a lot of truly casual people being turned off in general by a console that will require being connected to a television and which will require some setup process to connect to WiFi. Having said that, I know quite a few seniors and soccer moms who are pretty tech savvy anyway, so I don't know if the purported simplicity is really as big a selling point as some people are assuming. I mean, using a smartphone and apps isn't exactly simple and a significant majority of the population in industrialized countries seem to get by just fine.
  14. I do wonder about how much time any new product, especially a console from a company that doesn't have an existing presence in the market will have to reach critical mass. Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony can all afford to burn lots of cash marketing and promoting something that won't take off right away and can wait out a price drop from manufacturing efficiencies or technology advances. I don't know if a third party product will ever have that luxury, so getting out there at a $200 price point may well have been better, even if the controllers weren't perfect.
  15. Yep, I'm one of those people that actually enjoys heading out after dinner on Thanksgiving/Black Friday and it's unbelievable how popular the $199 console bundles have been in the past 5-6 years. I mean I literally see people buying baskets full of them and when I've asked why they are buying so many, I hear a lot of them say that they are giving them as gifts or finally jumping into the current gen. It really seems to be a magical price point for a variety of reasons.
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