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  1. How can you have a world or a quest without any story?
  2. Having a story is the literal definition of a role playing game.
  3. This is 100% inaccurate. I frequently back crowdfunded projects where the "reward" is something that is either a small fraction of the value of what I contribute or something that isn't even tangible or exclusive like funding to start a museum or library or the creation of a documentary or a play or other performance that the campaign creator is very clear up front will be made available free for the general public. I mean most of us that back projects understand that a big chunk of our money is being used to create whatever the thing is whether it's a game or a book or whatever and only a small part of our contribution covers the actual reward we may receive. Amico was clearly crowdfunded and there is nothing wrong with that, but continually trying to deny it raises a lot of red flags.
  4. More like don't wash the dishes until after you eat. Some of us have worked for start-ups over the years and understand that there is a big difference between how some of those companies present themselves to the public and investors and what the reality is on the inside. I've certainly worked for companies that signed contracts with marketing and publicity firms with the start date of their work contingent on the product reaching a certain phase. Very few start-ups hire in-house marketing teams until just before or in some cases after product launch and they certainly don't open multiple offices if product launch is still years away.
  5. And a line of credit can be significantly cut back if a product is delayed or the guarantor feels the business has become more risky or less stable over time. A line of credit can be very helpful to a rapidly expanding business with actual purchase orders that is ready to manufacture to fill those orders, but let's not pretend that it is anywhere near the same thing as venture capital or even crowd funding.
  6. Agree. I think the more reasonable conclusion based on the information currently available is that the software was not and is still not ready to go.
  7. Ok, but it also doesn't mean they did have it ready. I mean most of your responses here are all just speculation unless you actually have some insight into the inner workings on the company that the rest of us don't have.
  8. Honestly, I'm more concerned that on their official Twitter, they recently posted a photo asking potential customers which color they preferred and it appeared very clear that they only seem to have a few badly mismatched controllers and some console cases of various sizes/colors with which to create promo images. I do think that they are a lot farther away from launch than they have let on and I am skeptical that the delays to date have had much to do with Covid related delays. At the same time, I've only got $100 on the line at this point, so if it doesn't pan out, it will become just one more in a long line of cautionary tales that we have seen so many times before and I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it.
  9. Not to mention many non-tech outlets use more niche technology sites as a source of ideas and background for creating their own general purpose content. I have a friend who works in local news and he produces a syndicated tech segment that goes to dozens of local television stations weekly and he is constantly on Ars Technica, CNET, Techcruch, etc...looking for content of interest to a typical local news audience. He always works in news about consoles, VR headsets and other tech that might be of interest to less tech-savvy consumers and even did part of a segment on Playdate recently.
  10. I was wondering the same thing myself. In particular, I was wondering why their Twitter only has a little over 5,600 followers. It seems like it would be relatively easy to build that audience without spending much money.
  11. It is your assumption as we literally don't know if any of these games are "ready" (having a minimally functional version of something that can be put on a dev machine is not the same as being ready) and certainly we don't know that they are holding anything back. I suspect they have shown basically everything they have at this point to even do the relatively limited amount of in-person demos and trailers they have shown to date.
  12. We actually don't know that they are holding anything back. We also don't know that they "have lots of games ready". That's your assumption and it's fine to believe that if you so choose, but repeating it as fact just seems silly given the events of the past couple of months.
  13. Lots of us have kids and while I'll concede that they do love Roblox and Fortnite, they are also super smart and selective when it comes to what games they play and how they play them given all the other media choices they have access to. If your kids really are easily duped by Youtubers and blow through money buying junk, I would just say that your experience differs from my own and what I've observed from the kids that they hang around with.
  14. Agree, I mean some of those videos are honestly embarrassing. I can recall being a kid and having to wait at my mom's hairdresser or a dentist's office and they would have weird toys and sometimes electronics that I would enjoy for the half hour or so I had to sit there. I suspect if someone had a video camera trained on me at the time, I might look like I was having a great time, but there is no way I would have ended up asking for any of those things for my birthday or Christmas. Kids are not morons and unless this thing has games polished to the same level as what's available on the Switch and other similar platforms and controllers that are super responsive and more fun to use than the competition, it might be something they will play on a demo unit at a store, but it's not going to be something they actually convince their soccer moms to buy.
  15. If you preordered online, they don't require a deposit. If you preordered in store, they generally require $25 to reserve a console and you can always put down up to the full price of the console at any time. Gamestop deposits are fully refundable, although it can be a hassle sometimes as the store employees have a strong incentive to try to convince you to put the deposit on another item rather than getting a refund. The big issue for me is that my credit card expires at the end of the year and Gamestop's website makes updating your credit card very difficult which means I will likely have to cancel anyway and reorder. Probably just going to cancel the preorder and wait and see what happens at this point.
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