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  1. The Yakyuuken Special (Saturn) Warpman (NES) Cheetahmen (Mega Drive)
  2. Wurm - Journey to the Center of the Earth (NES) Magic Carpet 1001 (Famicom) Divine Sealing (Mega Drive) Crystal Caves (DOS) Hocus Pocus (DOS) XX Mission (Arcade)
  3. Magic Carpet 1001 (NES) Altered Beast (Mega Drive) (OK, I used the code to go right to the final stage, five lives and increased health)
  4. Yes it does. Unless you had a version of PS1 that required to insert coins?
  5. Good Lord. Do you also believe Nintendo of America is the "original" company and Nintendo of Japan is a "daughter" company?
  6. Is it emulated by MAME?
  7. Just saying. No flamewar intended.
  8. You made my day with this one Au contraire, I've been reading this thread daily but was too busy to reply I was playing Centipede on my MAME emulator and it has no title screen. Gave me the idea of searching and downloading old titles to my MAME list to see if there is any game earlier than Star Raiders to have a title screen. Thanks for the replies everyone.
  9. Hello, I am new in this board and this is my very first post so I hope not to be trolled. My question is: Which was the first Atari game to have a title screen? Indeed, which was the first video game to have a title screen?
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