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  1. OK I feel lame for even asking this, but is there a trick to puzzle #2 (the wordsearch)? Arrrrrrrrgh!!!
  2. Hi Albert, I hope you're giving us a little more time...I've got a shot, but it's not very good, and to get the pics I want I need the weather to break! Happy New Year everyone, TJ
  3. "The Player's Choice Award is your chance to vote for ANYTHING Atari over the past year that you feel deserves supreme recognition. This can be ANYTHING Atari related." Hey all, This is a plug for "2600 Programming for Newbies" by Andrew Davie. Thanks to Andrew, we all have a shot at joining the ranks of the fantastically wealthy 2600-programming elite!
  4. He was hanging around out front while I snapped my shots...I thought he added a little something!
  5. If I never see another Atari box, it would be far too soon. Luckily this won't be a problem, since I've gone blind from staring at my computer screen. I've identified 100%, but can't figure out the mystery. Nobody else seemed to have trouble here so I'm succeeding in the brute force department and failing in the brains department! Argh! TJ
  6. Take that, Grundle. (had to team up with my brother to beat him!) Hang in there, everyone. Nice work, Room 34. TJ
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