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  1. Thank you Nop90. I have also had this "bad palette" problem with sprpck and BMP files (generated using GIMP). Please add a link to your github with fixed sprpck. Thanks.
  2. No offense taken It's just an alternative way to set up simple SCB chain. You could also save 8 bytes per sprite by leaving the palette mapping out of your SCB struct, and manually setting the palette mapping before drawing the sprite chain. Depends on what you are doing, how many sprites you have, etc.
  3. This is how I have my SCB struct defined: // Lynx Sprite Control Block structure typedef struct SCB { uchar sprctl0; uchar sprctl1; uchar sprcoll; // spr collision number struct SCB *next; uchar *data; signed int hpos; signed int vpos; uint hscale; uint vscale; uchar palmap[8]; uint collResult; // collision result data (offset = 23) } TSCB; Note "struct SCB *next;". This allows us to reference the next SCB without casting, like so: struct SCB clearSCB = { 0xc0, // 4bpp / bg_no_collision 0x10, // compressed, hsize/vsize 0x00, // 0 to clear coll buffer &playerSCB, sprclr, 0x100, 0x100, 0xa000, 0x6600, { 0x01, 0x23, 0x45, 0x67, 0x89, 0xab, 0xcd, 0xef }, 0 };
  4. I am using a precompiled Windows version of CC65 (on Windows 7). Just looked up where I got it from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cc65/ It seems to be 4 years old now. I followed the link from the CC65 main page: https://cc65.github.io/ Not sure if there is something better now, but this version is much better than the "old" cc65. Edit: Looking at the https://github.com/cc65/cc65 src files, it seems there is some recent activity. May be possible to build cc65 using Visual Studio? - Jum PS: I anyone has any ideas on how to do a fast vertically scrolling playfield on the Lynx, please let me know. At the moment I am experimenting with using 2 80 x 102 sprites, stretched 4x horizontally.
  5. I'm a gonna register (as soon as I decide what I want to do). Haven't entered a console programming contest since 2005! (Chopper X in PDRoms 3.33 competition). May pull out an old unfinished demo/proto and finish it off, or maybe do a very simple new game, probably involving dachshunds... Alternatively, I can be a judge if you need one.
  6. Thanks Chris. Not sure what causes the "ghosting" of the vertical walls, I just assumed it was my Lynx' old and crappy screen I think the "jamming" of the gun may be caused by the bullets going off-screen without hitting anything, and since the player has 2 bullets that are recycled, he can't fire until they time out. I will check and fix this. (You can maybe try to avoid this problem by not firing out a doorway?). Edit: Seems ghosting may be caused by bad capacitor(s) in the Lynx.
  7. Berzerkoids alpha 3a attached (just a fix to the flickering at the top of the screen on real hardware). berzerkoids_alpha3a.zip
  8. The online Lynx emulator on your site seems to work quite well. Just one small thing - your description of Berzerkoids says "about 80%" complete. It's actually now around 99% complete.
  9. Berzerkoids "alpha 3" attached. (Only tested in Handy) Changes as per bhall's suggestions: - Use inner or outer fire button to fire. - Prompt to press any key to start on the title screen - "Get ready" message before every level - Level scrolls off the screen when you finish it. - Slightly pulsating walls (it's quite subtle to avoid being too distracting). Also a fix to the bullet colour (now always white). Edit: attached file removed - see updated berzerkoids_alpha3a post below.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, they are all do-able. The voice samples will stay as they are (freezes while playing them back), as in the original. Also it makes it more dramatic I will see what I can do within the next week or two... PS: It's "Berzerkoids"
  11. Sorry, may bad for not testing it on real hardware. Seems that the Lynx does not like my "raw text printing" routine, so I have removed it an updated the download in post #16 above. Please re-download and try again. Picked up some other issues on real hardware (screen refresh/vsync, sound glitches, bullet visibility). Thanks for trying it
  12. Thanks for the feedback - I'll check it out.
  13. Here is the latest (and maybe final) version of Berzerkoids for Lynx. I have only tested on Handy so far, still have to test with my RetroHQ Lynx SD card. Main changes are some minor speed improvements, and some voice samples. Edit: Replaced the attached version with one that works on real hardware. bezerkoids_alpha2.zip
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