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  1. I'm definately going to take a look at the 'new' cc65. Might just make the difference that I need :) ...



    Thanks Karri for the links to cc65.


    I spent some time last night trying to port Chopper X from the "old" cc65/lynx libs to the new cc65/lynx libs (cc65 2.11), without much success.


    Seems like the lynx libs for the new cc65 are a bit thin.


    Also the way the new stuff works is very different to the old cc65/lynx stuff, making upgrading old code more difficult.


    Does anyone have any new cc65 source code showing how to:

    - set up a VBL interrupt function

    - set up and use sprites

    - swap buffers

    - etc




    - jum

  2. I used 5200Basic to write "JumPong" (comes in the "Jum52" Atari 5200 emulator download).


    As far as I remember it worked pretty well, and you could mix assembler code with the basic code.


    The basic code was quite low-level, for performance reasons, and was compiled into assembler which was then complied using DASM.


    I haven't tried Batari Basic, so I can't compare.


    - jum

  3. Nice, you've sure got the hang of building maxium 'playability' - its a hard one to start with , think i need some practice to get past level 1! interesting how the chopper seems to bounce off the sky!



    "playability" - he he :) Can't make it too easy.


    Yeah my sister also struggled to get thru stage 1 (took her like 20 attempts).

    The secret is to slow your forward speed when passing up or down between the balloons.


    Stage 2 is much harder....

  4. is this based on the same principle as super cobra on the 2600?



    No. :P


    The game is based on the "gravity/thrust" control gimmick, which makes it closer to Gravitar or Thrust or Gravity Force etc.


    Hmmm... Gravitar or Thrust would be great on the Lynx...

  5. Comments and suggestions appreciated.



    The first level is easy. Just fly the thing out from the screen (up) and it won't come

    back during the entire level.


    The chopper sprite looks very nice.





    The game was made in the space of 2 weeks. Lots of bugs to fix, and lots of gfx to improve (balloons, airplanes, gorillas, etc).

  6. I remember the trouble you had getting your engines to perform well... you might want to download the latest cc65 from cc65.org with the Lynx libraries. I have not used it myself yet, but I know some of the other Lynx hobby programmers have put significant effort into making the compiler optimize better for space and performance.



    I'm definately going to take a look at the 'new' cc65. Might just make the difference that I need :) ...


    Also good to see that Songbird is still going strong.

  7. I gave up on these games because of lack of time, and lack of Lynx CPU power :\


    However I have recently completed "Chopper X" (well, sort-of complete :) ) for the Lynx, and I would like to do another "minigame" for Lynx.


    Compo's are great motivation. We need another Lynx compo.


    - jum (aka James)


    PS: May take another crack at Moon Patrol one day...

  8. SD is one of my favourite 5200 games. Pity my 5200 is broken.


    HOWEVER, it plays extremely well on Jum52 for Playstation2, using the dual shock analog sticks.


    Robotron is great with the dual shock controller too.


    - Jum

  9. Both Star Trek and Pitfall work in Jum52 Atari 5200 emu (V0.7/0.8).


    Dan's right - there's a 'loose bit' in KBCODE that wiggles around and affects the result if not masked.


    Some other games may not start with the "Start" button, but by pressing a number button, or the fire button, or wiggling the joystick (Beamrider).


    - jum

  10. Hi


    I have a 2-port 5200 running from 220V via a step-down xformer. Both VR1 and VR2 voltage regulators (LM340-5) and their heat sinks had been ripped off the m/board, so I replaced them with 7805 voltage regulators.


    I've checked the voltages on the replaced VR's, and they seem to be working OK.


    However, I just get a blank black screen when I power up with a cart inserted, and a rolling block screen with no cart. The screen shows red and the audio buzzes for about a quarter of a second when I hit the power switch, but then goes black.


    I have the video cable from the 5200 plugged directly into the RF in of my portable LCD TV.


    I need help with troubleshooting what's wrong.






    PS: The "channel select" switch on my 5200 is missing - does anyone know how to wire this up correctly?

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