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  1. To be fair, the PC-8801 original didn't have any intro movies. Just a polygonal face spewing digitized speech at you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hVwAfy88NE
  2. Did I stutter? I was quite serious! NSFW WARNING!!! (Seriously, don't click the link, if you're offended by cartoon dicks.) Link: https://i.imgur.com/Ygu01xr.jpg
  3. Jesus christ! Why is this community so dismissive of blatant plagiarism!? It doesn't matter if it's somebody else's IP, it's still Tokumaru's pixel art. They could have at least asked first. You wouldn't go and steal a mockup from a pixel art site, and claim it as your own, would you? You'd be lynched by the art community for doing that. I got your back dude, I'll develop a porn parody of Sonic 1, titled "Zippy the Porcupine", starring a porcupine with a big floppy dick, if they can't respect your artistic rights, then I won't respect their rights to a name! When I'm done with it, *nobody* will want to be associated with Zippy. Problem solved.
  4. "Major Industry Award" Well, the GDC just lost any integrity they may have had, so not anymore, it isn't! We can make our own game conference... with blackjack, and hookers!
  5. Alp


    Oh wow! This is an impressive port! I look forward to seeing how this progresses. As for alternate names? My NSFW parody of Mappy, is titled "Bangin' Betty"
  6. Here's a weird question-- are the text characters nibble-encoded? (I'm judging, based on the letter-pairs, in your list.) I had devised such a solution for the text in Cat Quest, and had gotten it down to 133 bytes. (4KB game)
  7. What's that? You want more Hydlide!? Well, I guess despite having a working playfield kernel, I *guess* that I can put Cat Quest 2600 on hold, until I complete my port of Hydlide, to the 2600! But in all seriousness, Hydlide was *extremely* successful back in the day, selling more than 4 million copies. (More than most games could even hope to sell!) There's a massive cult-following in Japan, due to Hydlide's popularity back then, so saying "nobody likes it" is factually incorrect. Hydlide is only hated in North America. My own reason for choosing to parody Hydlide, was to make a larger, prettier game, using the same limited resources that Hydlide had, but using them more efficiently! The 8x8 level of detail is thrown out, for one, allowing for larger, more "natural" looking, tiled environments to be made. The intro screen isn't much to look at, but it's a throwback to Hydlide, with a large, empty field. Using just 43 tiles, 5 less than Hydlide used for it's *entire* world, I was able to construct this complex, Zelda-like scene! The game is just NROM, so I only get 256 tiles, for every background in the game! Sprites get their own 256 tiles... I'd post the box art we have, but it has at least 5 visible cartoon erections, and I'd rather *not* get banned! I'm not sure if the "bumping" sprite animations would be an exception though? They're tiny 16x16 sprites, "bumping" together!
  8. Overall, the entire presentation was very... meh? Glad I skipped it, and went to bed early, last night! The console looks... uncomfortable, and the game offerings really aren't all that impressive. Super Mario Bros. Odyssey looks fun, at least! I'll pass on Zelda though, Skyward Sword thoroughly ruined the series for me (Too bland/linear). ...and suddenly-- Bomberman!? Now, that's a game I could get behind!
  9. Hmm... At a glance, my first guess would be November 8, 1978? (11/8/78)
  10. Eh... Nintendo Age sucks, I'll say that much! I've considered porting the cancelled NES version to Windows, relatively unchanged, but I don't really have the time, right now. I'm also working on a NSFW parody of Hydlide, on the NES. We're keeping the "bumping" mechanics, if you were curious! I'm way ahead of you there! I'm already knee deep in the dead code, setting up my playfield line-drawing routine. It's going to be really ugly, but I think it'll work! This isn't the first time I've needed to write fast, scanline-timed code. I've done "impossible" parallax scrolling on the NES, too! The object-code, for updating everything in this game (including the player) is already finished-- at a mere 10 lines of ASM! Yes! Cats are just awesome. This particular feline is my mascot of-sorts, in the furry community. She originated in an Elder Scrolls-like RPG, from back in the day, as the default female build.
  11. Yeah. This project is just carefully constructed mockups for now. (and some rough code in a text file) The graphics are indeed stored in a file! They look like this, in my document: (I typed everything out in hexadecimal, for legibility.) On the VCS, overlaid sprites would be overkill. I'd rather spend that space on the monsters and items. I had actually experimented with multicolor sprites, to see how it would look while prioritizing depth/volume. It looks okay, I guess. But I'm not sure I like it. I may just stick with monochrome sprites. Coincidentally, I had planned 2 Cat Quest games for the NES, and their eventual sequel, to be 16-bit (for obvious reasons) The console for the 3rd game was never decided on. The 1st? A Legend of Zelda clone, utilizing the bare bones the NES has to offer (NROM Mapper), while presenting a much larger game! Suck it Nintendo! It was a little more than half done, when I scrapped the project. I decided that the NES homebrew community are butts, and that I'd rather not waste my time with the likes of them. The 2nd? A Wonderboy clone, with an Zelda II-like Overworld, a marriage of elements from both games. ...and the 3rd was planned to be a straight clone of A Link to the Past. Of course! If the scale of my cancelled NES game blew people's minds, just imagine what I could do on the VCS! I have no doubt that it would look nicer on the 7800. Though, I have no experience with that machine. Coding, or otherwise. My only Atari experience was with the 2600, when I was a child. Hmm... venetian blinds are less ideal then? Alright, I can always revert the sprites back to solid color. Honestly though, I kind of liked how it made the sprites match the style of the background. >.> ...and a mockup of the Dragon boss in action, because why not? I've been carefully planning out a display kernel, that's as unrolled as I can get it, for speed purposes. I'd ultimately be fine with adding some RAM for this game, but I'd otherwise rather stick with stock hardware, just for fun. I could possibly lower the vertical resolution a tad, without losing too much detail? I may try that. Yeah. Drawing colors over a black screen, is exactly what I had in mind, when I made the background color universally black. I do that with my 8-bit pixel art as well, to squeeze out more detail, with less. I have no problem with restricting sprite location, I had planned for the game to be a bit slower paced. Huh, I'm not sure what you mean? Stella throws up a display error, and closes, without even opening a window! I found the Z26 emulator, and that seems to work. But it's severely out of date? Hmm...
  12. Lately, I've had the idea of porting a cancelled NES game of mine, to the Atari 2600, just for fun. I'm perfectly capable of coding this game in ASM, but unfortunately, the Stella emulator hates my computer (Open GL), so this will be Art / Design Notes, for now. No ROM tests, unfortunately. After some reading, I've opted to use the "venetian blinds" interlacing technique, to potentially minimize sprite flickering. This also works surprisingly well with what I've designed for screens! This is the current look of the title screen, though I've apparently made the text a few pixels too wide? I'll fix that, when I have some free time, to do so. The visual design of the dungeons is heavily inspired by the Legend of Zelda. Slay Monsters, find Keys, unlock Doors, and kill a Boss enemy. You know, the basics. I'm not sure how well this boss would work at the moment. But it would ideally function similarly to the Giant Snake boss, from StarTropics. Even leaving it's bones in the "Triforce Room", when it's slain. (It sits in the doorway, wiggling it's body segments, occasionally spitting a fireball, to attack.) The outdoors have barely been started, but I had fun with making this first dungeon! The visual theme is a castle, with a moat. Can you see how the colors are used? Lastly, the caves in the world, will be dark without a lamp. They'll be traversable as you can see, but the monsters will be completely invisible! It's best not to get caught, stumbling around in the dark. At the moment, I have 8-byte background "tiles" defined, with a multi-color option, that doubles the data size. These tiles are 32x32 blocks, with each color row defined in a single nibble. I have some basic data structures defined, in an attempt to write fast tile-mapping, on this hardware. Colors are swapped out, every other scanline, to allow for 2-color map screens. Potentially more, if a screen has sectors defined (such as the castle moat, in my mock-up, for example.) I'm not really sure what would need to be cut back for this project. But for now, it's just a fun distraction from a NSFW RPG that I'm developing, with a friend of mine! Thoughts are welcomed. Tear this ambitious idea to shreds, yo!
  13. I meant that my own cancelled game was started on the NES, before being worked on for the Intellivision. Both versions were never released. I'm well aware of Knightmare II's origins.
  14. Oh! This is cool. Knightmare II was always one of my favorites. I had been working on a gameplay clone on the Intellivision, for the IntyBASIC contest some months ago. After some stressful events, I scrapped the project, and went back into retirement. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/244807-devil-slayer-legacy-of-the-feline/ Some fun trivia: the game was originally started as a NES game.
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