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  1. If your patient my son and I are almost finished with our bally board, it includes ballcheck diagnostics. Some info on this thread and in yahoo bally group. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/278401-astrocart-magical-reflashable-512kb-homebrew-cart/
  2. There is no access to rgb on 50 pin so not at this time. Composite looks good though. Patrick
  3. Memory is still limited as to hardware mapping, say 32k, but think of it like having huge disk or hard drive for storage. It is possible to program banks of memory, but that would be later if anyone actually used more than 32k I guess. I do not see the need at this point for more physical memory.
  4. @ kenzre - not set on any connector yet, the board has 50 pin connector cable at the moment but this is still portotype. I appreciate your suggestions patrick
  5. If the admin wants to move my post to its own thread might be better as this is not really a multicart. Just thought I would post some info on project, dis not want to highjack thread. thanks patrick
  6. The heat sinks are removeable with 3m heat sink tape. the unit does not get hot, it stays relatively cool. the reason for heatsinks is precaution as we have unit running for 12 hours at a time running memory timing tests. The cover is removed to allow for all the necessary probes, obviously this will be a plug and play board when finished. The only external connection will be a 9v wall adapter as bally has no power on the 50 pin connector. With this board anything is possible, serial interface, printer, keyboard, etc. Just program the fpga for your options. This has been a careful and thought out project. It is not a kluge kit. All memory and timing on bally and board is analyzed thoroughly. You can not do what this board does on the cassette port. The cassette port does not have the necessary control lines to take control of the z80 which is necessary to achieve desired functionality. The SD port kind of does away with the need for rom and bank switches. You will be able to load and save roms, user written programs to SD on the fly. This board talks directly to the Z80. You could even do a processor accelerator although that is not in the plans as you are still limited by the speed of the custom chips. Another future project if time permits is a new replacement motherboard using only custom chips, z80 and 16k video ram.. All other logic will be handled by CPLD logic. @ Kenzre - Yeah it may be overkill, but I only want one expansion board that can do everything I need it to do. This way I do not have to plug in multiple accessories, memory expanders, carts, etc. If someone just wants a multicart, you have a very nice one, I own several. This is much more than a flash or multicart. Patrick
  7. Do not have a date for finished product, still some mods and debuging to do. On the 3 board rev. Maybe one or two more. Here are some more pics. Anyone well versed with bally machine language let me know if available later to help with menu system. Right now menu is on lcd on board. Later if we can create an easily installed highres option we will need on screen menus. Need is a strong word, lcd is very nice, on screen menu would be more finished. My son and I both work, so this is a side project. I want to finish it though.
  8. Working on bally board. 32k memory expansion, sd cart reader (can dump/clone and load bally carts to sd card) , composite output, ballcheck diagnostic emulation. Connects to the 50 pin expansion connector on the back of bally. Will post more info later. patrick
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