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  1. I honestly wonder Stephen, is it ignorance or out of malice, that you choose to berate me? over a simple frustration. go to hell. i'll find others more deserving of being spoken to. so take your own advice and piss off.
  2. stephen please stop. just stop alright? i'm tired of it
  3. why is that when you make this thread, you get a actual comparison but when i do, the userbase is somewhat hostile?
  4. so this is how it is? i understand. and news flash, it's sunday, i waited a day and all i wanted was a comparison because i was genuinely interested. i might just delete my account. clearly i've wasted my time on this site
  5. ....you know what, fuck it. i just wanted to do a simple comparison thread, but screw it.
  6. (if you're going to complain, i will have to close the thread). this is always something that has fascinated me. nintendo's juggernaut of the 80's vs atari's entry. i would like a comparison of: sound: POKEY chip vs the NES sound chip Lockout: does it affect games or the system (includes modified systems) graphics: did the 7800 have any visual tricks that gave it the upper hand commercials/marketing: how well was it marketed, were the commercials well done, corny or just plain bad and finally: ports. how well did the system handle arcade ports (in house development doesn't count third parties only)
  7. actually like E.T and consider pac man decent if flawed
  8. okay, how about this: the Master system vs the Atari 7800
  9. the super Nintendo is slower than the genesis in retrospect, so I want to propose a test. port Comix Zone to the snes and compare the time it takes to load a stage compare music and sounds etc.
  10. no one's going to answer? come on, its been 3 weeks
  11. okay, I quit. i'm just going to stick to graphics hacking. maybe something simple like river raid
  12. i'm asking to convert because I'm using doom builder for the job. I understand its a weird thing for me to do but cut me some slack, at least i'm not trying to fix up daikatana or port Deus ex. either help or don't.
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