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  1. Arcade Archives includes both the Japanese and US orders of stages in the options menu, at least for Nintendo’s arcade stuff on the system.
  2. This interview is kinda neat as it’s one of the Few NOA interviews where we get to hear the words of Nintendo employees who were on the ground in 1985/6 without any interpolation or extraneous comments from a documentary narrator.
  3. Shinobi was an NES NA exclusive since Tengen/Atari Games secured the rights from Sega. Alien Syndrome was ported by Sanritsu and published by Sunsoft in Japan. Tengen merely purchased the rights to the game for NA distribution in 1989.
  4. Sega had deals with Sunsoft and Takara to license out Famicom ports of Afterburner II, Space Harrier, and Fantasy Zone 1 and 2 due to the fact that the Mark III failed to get any foothold in Japan.
  5. 10,800 I hope i can get an extension for this week as I had a bunch of papers to write for university.
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