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  1. 28,490, and I don't ever want to play this game again...
  2. If you really needed the TIA chip for 2600 support, simply have an integrated CPU that can also handle the audio as well. Atari had the Famicom blueprints and specs, Warner should have pushed GCC to do something similar.
  3. Capcom USA V Taito of America set the legal precedent that you can not copyright game mechanics.
  4. In the past 40 years of gaming, the medium has seen developed from the basic games like Pong and Computer Space to the movie like cinematics of games like God of War, Call of Duty, as well as the emergence of popular genres like RPGs, platformers, real time strategy games, and the like. But, as in nature, some of these genres simply fade away for not adapting to the changing environment around them. Gaming's evolutionary dead-ends. What games, game types, and genres fall into this category? I would argue that Defender and Defender II/Stargate fall into this label. Sure, defender was one of the first scrolling shooters. However, the idea of a scrolling shooter that could move back wards and forwards seemed to have lived and died with these two games. In fact the single direction shooter, as popularized by Konami's Scramble that was published the same year, would have tremendous influence on the genre going forward. This would include Irem's R-type, Taito's Darius, and even Konami's Gradius. and hundreds of other horizontal scrollers that would come in the late 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit eras.
  5. Then there is the issue of NEC insulting American developers during a conference with developers concerning the system's launch and potential CD add-on support. Apparently telling Trip Hawkins that western developers were not as good as their Japanese counterparts, despite being the truth, was not a good idea. And so when EA walked out on the TG-16, they took the rest of the western industry with them.
  6. From what I understand the carts have a unique pinout to the Diskwriter/FamicomBox that don't make them compatible with the NES or Famicom.
  7. I was only able to cobble up 457,450.
  8. Here's the problem, this is a classic generalization fallacy. (ie. "Nobody I knew voted for Nixon.") Just because nobody you knew personally bought one, doesn't mean that there weren't items on the market being sold in 1985/1986. We have verified data from a plethora of newspaper reports, retail outlets, Nintendo internal sales reports that suggest otherwise. Nintendo alone sold over 1.1 million NES consoles in by Christmas 1986 through their rolling test market and very short advertising campaign. This is why we must discount anecdotal evidence, like yours, as hearsay in the face of objective facts.
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