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    Vectrex SD Cart?

    I am in the exact same spot right now. I ordered the multicard from Richard, but it didn't work in my Vectrex. So I sent it back and it worked fine in Richard's Vectrex. He then alerted me to this topic. So I ordered a spare VIA and Richard sent the Vecmulti back. Sadly, also with the new VIA the multicard will not work. Normal games work fine. Any help is appreciated. EDIT: here's a short clip I shot for Richard, showcasing how it crashes:
  2. Shipping was horrible, around $40. If you could help me out like that, that'd be great! I need a cartridge connector and a cartridge guide. How much would that be including shipping if you shipped it?
  3. How did I miss those links? I've emailed both companies and am now negotiating with Best Electronics to work out a price. Shipping rates are killing me. Again, thanks.
  4. I bought an Atari Flashback 2 for the purpose of modding it into an Atari 2600. The process is pretty straight forward, but I am struggling to find the hardware to do the actual mod. The guide I will probably use is: http://www.atarimuseum.com/fb2hacks/ That guide has a picture that shows what hardware I need for the mod (page 3, also attacked to this post for comfort). I need a Cartridge Connector and a Cartridge Guide. The latter is probably needed to open up some of the cartridges that have a dust cover built in. Does anyone know where to get these parts? Or is anyone selling salvaged cartridge ports from broken Atari 2600's? I live in The Netherlands, so please let me know what your price would be including shipping.
  5. I bought another broken Lynx, hoping I can create one working Lynx from the both of them.
  6. Thanks for the reply! How much would a cheap replacement LCD cost me?
  7. Yesterday on a retro gaming convention I spotted an Atari Lynx. When I asked them to turn it on it wouldn't fire up using the adapter. So I bought it as broken for 5 euros because I noticed the power connection was very loose. Seemed fixable. At home I inserted batteries and fired her up. Sadly the screen seems fubar (see attached photo). I tried reseating the two ribbon cables without success. Does anyone know what is wrong with this Lynx and if it's fixable?
  8. I am not new to modding, perhaps that's it. I did a mod to a pong console not too long ago, and that was very similar to this mod:
  9. I am **VERY** new to Atari. Thank you for clearing this!
  10. Yesterday I modded my Atari 2600 to add Composite video. My Atari is a woody 4-switch PAL-version. I used this mod: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-2600-Composite-AV-Video-DIY-Upgrade-KIT-Board-Preassembled-/381321972595 and these instructions: http://www.vintagegamingandmore.com/guides/mods/ Installation went smooth as expected and after it was done, I popped in Pole Position and it looked great! But a few games, for example Ms. Pacman, show short horizontal lines on the left hand side of the screen. I've made a photo of how it looks: http://1drv.ms/1l8SZLx Can anyone tell me why this is occurring?
  11. For me it's David's Midnight Magic. Oh the memories
  12. I usually download the torrent of Gamebase whenever they release a new version. https://plus.google.com/+WinstonSmith6079/posts/MEsKHvDQJ1x
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