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  1. Hi. Has anyone made a Hombrew Atari ST clone and if so are they still available to buy ?? I've seen quite a few other machine clones, especially the ZX spectrum (JustSpeccy128K ) etc .but haven't found an ST yet..!
  2. Sounds like a GOOD idea...if it can be done ?? You could then possibly make a complete TMS99xx system with 10 Chips (or less) !!
  3. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/245119-any-interest-in-a-poll-to-see-what-hardware-ti-99-users-would-like/?do=findComment&comment=3356822
  4. In a Follow-up to the thread '(Hardware) Project of the 'calendar quarter' I'm testing to see what enthusiasm there might be for a POLL of forum users to see what TI-99 hardware they like to see in the future for their systems. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242260-hardware-project-of-the-calendar-quarter/ (is the original thread) So pop on this thread what hardware you would like to see (a magical Wish List) you might say ! And if there's enough interest then we could do a POLL of which is the most popular idea !
  5. So there was no POLL as to what hardware people want ? It's still a good idea just needs more interest and enthusiasm to get things off the ground !
  6. So what hardware has been decided ? Or what is going to be made ?
  7. The 'SUPER GAME MODULE' (SGM) already has the extra RAM but I suppose the extra speed might be useful to programmers.
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