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  1. You can't have everything... where would you put it?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. atari2600land
    3. dj_convoy


      Everywhere, obv.

    4. TheTIGuy


      Everything would include the world and at least several voids and pocket dimensions.

  2. I can't wait ...and for Pete's sake, lets have more of those 'pork flavored' lollies
  3. Tarz, You and your team did a magnificent job. This game is a true joy. Keep up the great work please! Your pal, Ken
  4. Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah Happy new year

  5. I just played Inty basic and Ultimate Pong today. They are fabulous...just fabulous! the "Warship" game a.k.a "Battleship" was a blast...If I was 10 years old again, I would have never went to school - I'd have been playing that 24X7 Agree with Wolfy too on MYSTIC Castle...It is fun now ..not frustrating at the 'demon' levels...
  6. 6 years old??!?!??!?!? ..So was I. It was July 19th 1970 against the A's. The only reason I remember is because years later my Grand Dad told me it was against the A's and I recall it was after July 4th in NH. All I remember was the place was loud and green and metallic. But I distinctly remember the cheers when Yaz homered..Grand Dad told me Yaz was the best player in the league...and he was right as always. It is criminal that Dwight Evans isn't in the hall..The guy had one of the greatest careers ever..great arm!!..overall, one could argue he was more valuable than Jim Rice in terms of everything and longevity... Dewey Belongs...I blame the Red Sox for the debacle of ending his career in Baltimore...Dewey would have made a serious run at 3000 hits and certainly would have had 400+ hrs if the Sox hadnt been so cheap & stupid. Happy New year Amigo
  7. Big Papi...definitely! Maybe even Teddy Ballgame, Jim Rice and Dewey Evans First game I ever went to was at Fenway-- Best part: Yaz Hit a Home run and they won.
  8. the1hatman's box idea is awesome. Sure we can't somehow fit Luis Tiant in there as the pitcher? Or Get Carl Yastrzemski as the batter?? It would be waaaaay cool to have a Mystic Castle Box too The Super pro baseball is awesome. I can still get around on the new age fastballs
  9. Easy to ban the NFL when your team stinks anyway ;

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Who banned the NFL?

    2. Papa


      OH, it has nothing to do with them.


  10. Easy to banth NFL when your team stinks anyway ;)

  11. I will go Serial #34 or #44 please! Thank you! If all else fails..Just put me in for one. Kind Regards Ken
  12. Red Sox and Big Papi!

    1. retrorussell


      I see the Jays finally decided to stop crapping away their shot at the postseason.

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