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  1. Does anybody know if there is a source code available for the game WAY OUT or CAPTURE THE FLAG from Paul Allen Edelstein in 1982 ? I think these games are a masterpiece ! Walking in a 3D maze in real time on a 8 bits cpu, pretty awesome ! Specially playing with a paddle witch set direct rotation in real time ! I simply wish to look at "how it is made"... the math and 2d to 3d translation, how it is done... Thank all !
  2. My first reaction to this program was not about the sudoku itself but the amount of colors used in text mode ! After taking a quick look I saw PM or PMG... Player Missiles Graphics ? So you finally found a real "practical" use of those low res features of Antic ? If so, i really congratulate you on this... I tought I had seen everything yet about atari programming ! DLI interrupt, chrset definition, VBI, Timers, DMA.... I really look forward to analyze your source code !
  3. Does anyone have or can provide a small video showing the temporary fruit coming in that then disappear after 2-3 seconds ? I remember having this bug in the original arcade machine in the 80's and on MAME too I think... I wonder if this bug has been located/explained/fixed ? Did it happened on the original Pac-Man too ? (I don't think so since no bouncing fruit, but maybe a bonus item might appear for a few seconds then disappear like it does on Ms Pacman. I never really played PacMan, so I can't really tell... And is there any way to play Ms PacMan Twin on PC ? I just discovered this game tonight after many years ! Shame on me !
  4. Here I found an Atari 80 columns font in TTF format. https://fontmeme.com/fonts/atari-font/ Now I will look for a 5x7 font file (5x7 + 1 pixel top and right = 6x8 total size by character. So, 320 / 6 = 53 columns (not 64) because there will be a space between each character. So it should be clean and sharp ! PS: Perhaps someone already posted it here, will check later on this week... PS#2: Remember the old Dos Text mode supporting 132 columns ? I used to work with that in Qedit or Quick Basic 4.5 if I remember correctly ! Using Dos prompt, you typed "Mode Con: Rows=50 Lines=132" and tadaa ! That was awesome clean and sharp ! i don't remember if I was using EGA or VGA because EGA is digital video signal (TTL RGB) so it was quite sharp with few colors... Controlling the enhanced parallel port for hardware projects at address $378... THAT was the good time of computing in DOS before windows arrived and block all access to parallel port ! Sure there was "bypass drivers or DLL" in the years 2000 to bypass the lock, but it was simple in Dos and more pleasant ! (To me anyway !) Using Orcad PCB 1.x to draw my schematics... Strangely sometimes I wish I had a 486 laptop with parallel and serial port on Dos 6.22 ! I don't even have a parallel port on my PC now ! But I really don't miss the 1.44 floppies ! (Track not found, Track 0 Error, etc) except on a nostalgic side, not practical side... Anyway that is the feeling I get with the Maximite for now AtariSmall.ttf
  5. Holy ..... ! So many new messages ! Slow down people, I won't be able to catch up ! I started to edit my 5x7 and 80 columns fonts using charles brannon super font + but suddenly I asked myself: There must be at leat one person on this earth who can help me get such a font already done ! So, anyone has a font file ready to read (bin data file that replace character set directly, 1024 bytes for 128 chars * 8 bytes each) in 80 colums or 64 or 5x7 ? I just wanted to save some time here, but at worst I will do it myself... I also found a super tiny font OCRA from this picture: that's crazy ! But still "readable" on digital video (DVI/HDMI). Not that every characters are really readable, but it let you recognise the words ! Somehow I find this "easy" to read ! I'm curious to try this in 320x200 ! (Atari 800XL or C64 !) PS: Here is one funny anecdote: one of my friends sent me a font saying it was "Braille" for the blinds !!! WTF ??? It turned out to be morse code font ! His mistake ! He quickly thought "We can use our fingers on touch screens now, so this is a new way to use touch screen technology ! Yes sure, my LCD monitor has needles pointing at me on every pixels ! Make it three for RGB pixels ! 24 bits needles to "watch" jpegs ! (ouch ouch ouch, so many colors !) PS: I mean no offense, it's just that it was a crazy talk ! bitocra-master.zip
  6. Wow ! So many mails in 24h ! Ok, my upload first, then I read... Here is a disk image witch include an 80 columns software text file reader with source in 6502 Machine Language. I found this here: https://www.chebucto.ns.ca/Services/PDA/Atari8Misc.shtml All credits goes to (name in file). Just boot the disk (spartados 3.2g bootable and autorun.sys already on it) and select ASCII then the filename COL80.ASC This gives the feel of software 80 collumns VS XEP-80 ! Ok, time to read now... SpartaDOS_3.2g_with_DOS.atr
  7. Glad to see a first Maximite user ! This is my first Maximite Computer and I've never work with any previous versions... I received it yesterday with a mini keyboard and mini mouse from Amazon. I feel like a was 8 years old at x-mas night ! I have just printed the Maximite Basic 5.06 Manual (134 pages) and intend to dig it quite fast. I will add a standard RS232 DB9 port with a Centronics printer port to use an old Star NX-1000 Printer in graphics mode to print Atascii listings. I have many ideas to use the MMC like I used the 800XL. One of my first programs will be a full screen Atascii text editor using original Atari font (with reverse video). I should get something like 100 columns by 60 rows at least... didn't calculate it yet. I have a 68000 dev kit I made with a friend for the 800XL with a 68000 Assembler in 6502 machine language. It is based on Synapse Assembler, once the code assembled, you transfer it via joystick port to the 68000 card to be executed by a real 68000 processor. This was developped to learn 68000 before we stepped higher to an Atari ST Machine. I intend to transfert this 68000 assembler to MMC with a revised dev card using a 68000 or cheaper 68008. I have some projects regarding Atari VS MMC and 68000, I will create a topic soon as I upgrade some software on the 800XL. Anyway, more to come... stay tuned !
  8. I have bought a Color Maximite 2 Deluxe (the Color Maximite 2 is most popular right now since the DELUXE is brand new from January 2021). I intend to make software on this new little baby that will be like the Atari 800XL. For example, by programming a 6502 basic emulator I might be able to run Synassembler or other softwares. This Maximite machine is very interesting to control hardware in basic with it's I/O connector on the back. It runs interpreted basic at 270,000 lines per second. Just like I was used to control hardware using the joystick port and the PIA 6520 of the 800XL, this Maximite will do the same (and more) using it's integrated basic language running as fast as 6502 machine language on the original XL. So, I was hoping to open a new topic specifically for this purpose of mixing Atari VS Maximite. Check google and youtube for Color Maximite 2 infos. The DELUXE has a 2nd usb port for a mouse. But I guess the the Maximite Color 2 with only one USB port for the keyboard could support an Amiga or Atari ST mouse by typing a simple mouse support. These mouse use the atari standard joystick port, as seen on 8 bits GUI. Let me know what you think...
  9. Cool but I use Altirra Emulator, not a real 800XL... I guess your cartridge have a video chip inside with a video out connector... Anyway, let me know, I'm curious to know more ! Thanks !
  10. I am trying to use this disk image to use the 80 columns utility on it without success... I know it's crappy 4 pixel wide but this is the actual goal for now to me. Can anyone give me more info on build a bootable dos 2.0s disk or spartados 3.2g disk so I can type a txt file on screen ? Thanks. PS: If you have seen one for 64 columns that would be fine too. I read about the drivers on smart terminal 6.1 disk (m64.mpp & m80.mpp) To switch smart term in 64 columns mode, I have to boot in 800xl os 2 with translator (no basic) then load smart term... A 64 or 80 columns full screen editor is what I am looking for because I want to program one and want to see the text first... 80 Columns.atr Translator_Side_A_OS_B.ATR Smart Terminal 6.1.atr
  11. Hi there, thanks for replying ! I will check this asap. (Leading zeros). By the way, is there an official web page for your projects ? i this your website has moved or not sure where you are anymore... Thanks, will give you some feedback soon... @+
  12. Thanks guys... will take a look a this slowly mostly during weekends until the rush goes down at Canada Post. this time of the year is the most busy time of the year ! Then I should get back to it and looking forward to it too ! But I'm lying here.... knowing myself, I will still work on it weekdays and get 4 hours sleep and get on the job tired ! I'm such a big baby !
  13. Ok, according to Atarimania in the link it was done using Action. But since jhusak said MAC65, I guess HE really knows ! Is jhusak available somewhere ? I wish to ask him about the source code, or where/how he learned how to do this so I can lean too ! i.e. wich books ?? BTW, if it is MAC65, the I should be able to disassemble the source code... and learn from it and copy the process. Don't worry, I'll be glad to give all due credits to jhusak ! I'll try to do some loopless demo for my light controller by using partial bank playing like he did... something like s3m audio tracker programs do using sampled audio. But I will probably change the digitized song for something with slower beat for my needs. I realize now in 2020 that there were so many things to do and to learn on the 800xl that I didn't know in 1985 due to the lack of information and books available in the Montreal area. All I had was Antic, Analog and Compute! magazines mostly... the day I learned how to controll TTL logic using the joystick port is the day that changed my life. Before that i remember using 4 photocell (magic eyes) put on the CRT tv using scotch tape and a blank blanket over it to block external light. Then I drew 4 big blocks at 4 different colors under the photocells and changes the color of then using poke command. It was on gr. 7 I think... When the block was lite, (white) the photocell become low resistance and triggered a relay to control 110v appliances ! But this is another topic here, sorry... just being nostalgia. About Action, I wish I knew it at the time. I was using Synassembler then... Ok, thanks people, I will try to disassemble this and continue my project, will let you know about it...
  14. I have found the same file uncompressed. Here it is. I also found that it was written in ACTION language. Will try to see what I can do with that so far... If you load this file as a RAW audio in Cool Edit Pro, it seems to be 4 bits audio at 2.5 Khz sampling approx. This is quickly said, didn't take time to really check dough. Don't know the power of ACTION language yet, it seems to be a high level compiler... I thought it was high level interpreter easier than basic but slower... It has been written by Jakub Husak. Will try to find more info... Your Body My Body (Uncompressed).xex
  15. Sorry for the delay guys... I will check all answers to my posts... and some other topics too ! Thanks for your support ! Will give you feedback as my projects progress... So much fun re-using the old 800xl in Altirra, but so much frustration having to use line numbers in listings ! BEUARK ! So much pain.... I think I will take a look at the source code of Synapse and or MAC65 eventually to work with listings with no line numbers... But of course, I can always switch to 6502 assembler on PC like Mads...
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