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  1. Is there a way to change the default power-up state of Altirra to set disk access in R/W instead on R/O ? Every time I run Altirra, i am confronted with this annoying thing... forgeting to set it to R/W ! I am using mostly Altirra 2.71 since it suits me for now but I don't mind updating if necessary...
  2. Could anybody help me setup a 16 MB disk image containing MAC/65 and TurboBasic 1.5 ready to run in 80 columns using XEP-80 interface ? I know there is some SpartaDos disk image with TurboBasic 1.5 online but I don't know if I can put everything on a single disk and avoid XEP-80 Driver conflict ! I have mounted my 68000 assembler on a 16 MB spartados 3.2g disk so far in 40 columns... I like TurboBasic because it is fast and it has a DIR command.... I don't really need to use the compiler... I think Altirra Basic has the dir command too, but does it run in 80 columns ? I downloaded MAC/65 from Atarimania with docs 1.1 and 1.2 and will start to read them this week. Any help appreciated.... thanks.
  3. Ok, I think I will look at Mac65... If I am not wrong, it is a line assembler and reads source code line by line and is kinda slow... But with Altirra this should not be a problem. And I think I can make the source code a single file instead of splitting it in many files and use "include" in the asm process... What i need in fact is: 16 mb disk image (SpartaDos or other 16mb dos) 64 or 80 collumns Synassembler or other assembler Single source file Hex Out files in more than 40 columns... This is until i will switch to windows eventually with a cross assembler. I wish to work on my 68000 assembler that I made for the 800xl with a friend in the 80's... It looks and feels like synassembler somehow...
  4. Ok, will take a further look at this... I know that Synassembler uses the OUTCHR and GETKEY functions, so this might work. Feedback to come... Thanks.
  5. Anyway to run Synapse Synassembler 4.0 in 64 ou 80 collumns ? Software or usig XEP-80 ? A working disk file (.ATR) would be appreciated... Thanks !
  6. Hi people ! I am used to work with Synapse Assembler 4.0 on my 800XL with the disk version. I was wondering if there were any advantage using the cartridge version instead of disk version. After a quick try, I saw there is no load/save function ! I never used any cartridge before... how can we load/save source files if we don't boot from a DOS disk ? I would like to know everything that is to know about using cartridges on the 800XL ou 800.... any reading suggestion ? Thanks !
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