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  1. Looking at some of the information written on the side of the box, I'm actually thinking this unit was sold *to* an employee of TI; that would certainly explain the vintage.
  2. Serial number 0898270; assembly code (if it's what I think it is) LTA0880. August 1980?
  3. For me, it's almost certainly Wall Ball, though there's a possibility the rarest I have is Little Bear. It was a little illegal knockoff of Frostbite, produced I think by a Taiwanese company. AtariAge doesn't seem to know its rarity. Only cartridges on both, unfortunately. EDIT: Whoops, it'd help if I actually uploaded the image I selected. I knew the post happened too quickly!
  4. Only got 57 or so myself, total carts for the 2600; that includes a duplicate of I think Asteroids and E.T. A full Tele-Games Center, two full wall units, and a third almost full. My dad has a bigger collection, but he hasn't played his since I was like five. Add 14 for the 5200, including Adventure II.
  5. Managed to nab these two last weekend at a local auction; the 4A doesn't look like it was ever used. And yes, the 4 does work; if anything, the keyboard's a little sensitive.
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