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  1. Forgive me for the foolishness. I personally know the person who actually attached the picture. He was pulling my chain. I fell for it due to my gullibility. I'll be more careful about posting something like this from now on without the evidence. I feel terrible that I got all excited for nothing and drug you guys into it. My bad.
  2. Okay guys, I want to point something out. I was perhaps getting overly excited about the Atari 7800 Resident Evil potential. I've pestered the 'developers' on their e-mail reply thingie for a screenshot, and they just emailed me this. It looks cool, but honestly, if you do some google images research, the same thing pops up. So sorry, but I am not trusting this right now. I think someone was blowing smoke up my you-know-what. And I think I may have fell for it. I'll be more careful about these posts from now on. The idea is still cool, but I do not think it is for real. Sorry for the mislead. It looks like they used the free Atari label software online that I did for my pic too.
  3. I sent you a message with the little bit of info I can give out. I'll follow up as I find out more.
  4. Man, if you came up with this, then it looks like you Are a higher-profile programmer. Seriously, if you remember, let me know if you pick back up on this game. I've only made a couple of Jungle Hunt clones myself, and terrible ones at that, on the Commodore 64, so I sure am not a higher profile programmer. I would be interested to know if you ever get the time to finish your game.
  5. Not exactly the page I was on, but this looks super cool! The people I am talking about are independent of Atariage. I would like to give a link, but you know, I promised. I am just curious to see if you all have heard anything similar about it. But man, this game that you showed looks cool. Seriously! When do you expect to have it complete? I'd play this in a heartbeat!
  6. Hey guys, I just thought I would try to clear something up with you since the people in this forum probably know more than anyone about this subject. There has been some discussion lately within a certain group (I promised them that I would not say who) that are claiming some higher-profile programmer is working on a Resident Evil-type game for the 7800. I'm fully aware of the limitations of the system, but have heard this over and over again. Is it possible? I mean, we have games like Midnight Mutants and such, so maybe a Resident Evil is not too far off? What do you think? Have you heard anything about a project like this? I asked Al, and he hasn't heard about anyone attempting this. It would be cool just because of the title (like Halo 2600, and a well-made game I might add) What do you all think?
  7. I was just talking to a friend of mine who is helping me to program a game on the commodore. Somehow, the topic of the Pc masterrace came up. I guess because we were on a pc, an ancient one, but a pc. Anyway, he came up with something: If the PC Gamer can claim to be PC Master Race, then why can't a retro gamer have a title? We should really, considering that some of our machines practically began the game industry. Then we thought of "Retro Royalty", and maybe making a club of some type for it, or at least adding some kind of membership/forum thing to my website. I thought it sounded dumb, but hey, it's just a thing. It's nothing serious, just a play on words for something that we like to do. (I play games on PC also) What do you think? Is it stupid?
  8. Karate Champ on NES with my score of half a million. The game started to glitch out at this point, but I might try again when the weather is keeping me indoors just to see how long it takes to hit the million. Or if I am really bored some day, I might try to roll the board. This game is not overly exciting. But I happen to have it. So why not? haha!
  9. Problem solved! Well sort of anyway. I do not know how I did not remember, but I had an old commodore 128 in my closet. I just thought about it last night before going to bed. So I got up this morning and hooked the same disk drive up to it. Then I loaded the program from the same disk with the computer in c64 mode. It worked fine! I'm at work now, so I do not have access to the program. But if you still want to see it, I'll post it here later tonight or tomorrow. It is just a small 20 line program full of a lot of pokes. But for now, my problem is solved. I will also look into the chip issue that you mentioned. Anything is possible with these old machines. Thanks so much for your help!
  10. Yes, the other programs on floppy play sounds fine.I've enabled the sound program too as you pointed out. It seems fine. It is only a problem after I save it to a floppy then load, and try to run it. And 54272 is the right access location. It's weird, man. It's like my Commodore is possessed or something. haha! I'll keep checking and let you know what I find out. Thanks so much for the reply. I appreciate it!
  11. I just finished programming a music program into my Commodore 64 in BASIC. I ran it before saving, and it worked fine. I saved it and turned the computer off, then back on and loaded it, then typed 'list' to make sure all the lines of the program were there. They were. So I ran it. All that I could hear was (the best way I can describe it) a clicking sound rather than the musical melody that was there before saving and loading. The program ran for it's regular cycle and exited like it was supposed to, but the sound was messed up. I tried this a few times with the same results. Thinking that perhaps my sound chip was burned out, I loaded games on both cartridge and floppy disk. They worked fine. So my next step was to type the program again, save it under a different name and on a different disk, and run it. Same results.The last thing I did was turn the computer off and back on, then type the program into it again. I ran it without saving and it worked fine. Bad drive maybe? It's just weird that I can load it and the program shows all the lines, but it won't work right. And only after loading it from a 5.25 floppy. Any ideas or thoughts? Just so you know, I am doing this on original hardware. I am using an actual breadbox C64 with a 1541 disk drive and disks that were brand new in the packages(DD Fujifilm). They formatted just fine too. Any advice you can give would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
  12. This is awesome. They look good, man! I'm gonna give this a try.
  13. Hi all. I am new to these forums, and I came across this. It seems like it would be cool and definitely something I would like to get in on. A couple of questions though if you do not mind. How many weeks do you do this? And what if I do not own or have access to some of the weekly games? Could I still play during other weeks? Thanks!! Oh, btw, I am not sure what games you have done in the past, but I think both Demon Attack and Phoenix have always been good ones for 'competition'play.
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