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  1. Can you try removing everything and leave just FG99 cartridge. This game runs on an unexpanded machine and I am not sure if there is some device that it is interfering with.
  2. All, For those who will be burning this onto GROM please use this attached file. It has a friendlier menu title. brkfreeg.bin
  3. I do not know how to do it myself but I am sure someone in this great community can assist you in how to flash a GROM chip with my Bin file. What I think needs to be done is split the BIN file into 5 8K chunks with a binary splitter and then burn the first 5 slots of bank 0 with these 5 split parts. But I do not know how to see the banks and slots in the EPROM programmer you will be using.
  4. Thanks Opry99er, it was a dream project I had since 1982 to do a physical cart game, but it only came a reality with great work done by people like Tursi (Classic 99), Ralph B (xdt99), Ksarul (Ubergrom), Rasmus (Magellan), Ciro (Testing) and many others who took the time to keep TI 99/4a alive till today.
  5. Now that is possible but not trivial. You either will need to have the necessary hardware to re-flash the ROM or else you need to send it to someone who has necessary hardware to do it for you. It is practically an UBERGROM which is locked onto one game.
  6. Wow!!! Well done. That is hard to beat for sure.
  7. Tursi, No I had a bug which I thought I had fixed way back in Jan 2017. Version 1.5 should Iron this out.
  8. The boss cannot be killed. It can only be frozen for a few seconds by hitting the Boss devil inside mouth.
  9. I am very sorry about this. Kindly find attached version 1.5 which should now have both bugs fixed (The Lives issue and that in the last level there was a 1 in 7 chance of never finding the key given the small number of [?] on screen) brkfreeg.bin
  10. Thanks for the nomination, I am flattered and am really glad I could contribute a little to this wonderful community.
  11. I really wish I could come but coming to the US from Europe looks like a big thing that you need a lot of planning. I wish you all the best in this event. Please take as many photos of the event or video as possible and share, at least we will be enjoying this remotely.
  12. Thanks Opry99er, much appreciated.
  13. Thanks for your kind complements. Working hard for the love of the hobby usually reaps unexpected benefits. This could only be possible with the hard work of many people taking time to create the necessary tools, hardware and sales channels.
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