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  1. It does! It's funny to watch the demo randomly switching lanes and completing the level
  2. Hi, Unable to find a copy of the original code, I got hold of a GPL disassembler to produce a disassembly of the original GROM. The one I used was xdg99 (https://github.com/endlos99/xdt99/blob/master/xdg99.py) which worked a treat. Then I trawled my way throught the GPL docs here : http://www.unige.ch/medecine/nouspikel/ti99/gpl.htm Finally, I managed to track down the routines for handling crashing into the opponent car, modified the GROM binary and used Classic99 emulator to run the modified cartridge GROM. The results... I can play Car Wars without colliding with enemy cars to see what the later levels are like! Video here : If anyone wants to do the same, there are 3 bytes in the CarWarsG.BIN to patch. Change the bytes at 0d52, 0d8c and 0d6f to zero. Enjoy
  3. Hi - I just like to try and find stuff myself first :) I've emailed the original author, Jim Dramis, but no response yet. I doubt he still has it lying around though!
  4. Hi, I am on the verge of starting my next iOS remake, and you guys here have provided me previously with the source code to Parsec and Munch Man - both of which I re-made an published. I am seriously looking at TI-99/4a Car Wars for the next game. I don't want to ask without searching but I've trawled everything I can think of and cannot find it. Does anyone know if it's available anywhere? Thanks!
  5. You guys are the best! Thanks I had the Parsec code, but only later in the project. Now I have this from the beginning. Thanks again!
  6. Hi, I'm planning to do my next iOS remake of a classic TI99 game after having done Parsec which I'm rather pleased with! On here before, I was lucky enough to be provided with the source code. However, I've searched in vain for the Munchman source code. Does anyone have a copy or know if it's available? Thanks!
  7. I'd love to do an Android version Time is against me at the moment, as can happen to us hobbyist programmers... If anyone wants to volunteer I'd be glad to impart what I've learned plus all the assets etc...
  8. My guess is that they removed the speech due to lack of space. Also, it was supposed to be the ship speaking to you. I guess if it was destroyed, it couldn't say "Game Over" If you search on here, the Parsec source code is published. This might have some useful info in there for you.. You could also extract the sprite paths for the alien attack patterns from here. Collisions were a real pain for me too. The problem is, on iOS of course it's a 3D graphics chip not a classic bitmap 2D screen like the old 8 and 16 bit micros. I ended up doing it using an in-memory bit-plain that had the ground and ship on and moved in conjuction with the on-screen versions and then collision detection was 100% pixel-perfect. Also this meant ensuring everything on-screen only moved in whole TI sized pixels, which is the authentic look I wanted anyway. What would I need to use the BAS and BIN files you attached?
  9. I had a thread on here a while ago about my remake. I did a little "digital archaeology" and found some speech that was in the ROM but never used: "Laser Overheated " : http://picosong.com/hHDT/ Then after I got the source code, I found several more bits of speech data that were in the source code but commented out (therefore never made it to the ROM). So I reconstructed the binary LPC speech data from the text of the source code and a hitherto lost bit of speech came back to life - "Game Over" : http://picosong.com/hrng/ Pity you won't have the scrolling ground... Parsec without the fuel tunnels won't be quite the same... What about if the ground scrolls only for refueling? Nothing else to animate at that time?
  10. Hmmm not from me personally, any volunteers??
  11. Well them Bynites can be pretty scary
  12. Well it's now released and thanks to you guys for fabulous input, ideas and other help! Game on the app store : http://apple.co/1NlzSpI And thanks for buying an MFi controller! There are few people that seem to have them. I shall be looking to add iCade support as that seems a bit more widespread.
  13. Fascinating... I didn't know you could do that in Extended Basic. Here you go - the binary data for Game Over (the LPC data as requested) : http://www.speedyshare.com/zJeNq/game-over-lpc.bin
  14. Sure I'll dig it out tonight... I assume you mean the LPC data recovered from the source and not the MP3 I recorded of it?
  15. Any more testers? Specifically, anyone with bluetooth controller? More the merrier
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