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  1. The prices I find have increased in recent years. However, my best advice is to wait until you get more replies here before doing anything with them. I collected around 75% of them in 2011 and paid an average of 20-30 bucks Australian, Only a few were pricey and got bid wars such as Pitfall II, HERO and one of the Dolphin patches. But as the market changes, so will The collectibles.
  2. I collected about 75% of them around 7 years ago. Most then we’re average 20-35 bucks Australian. Then a few like Pitfall II had bid wars. Being a child of the 90’s and 00’s I only discovers the patches through Activision Anthology.
  3. I was born in 1990 so I enjoyed them by not existing. Haha but the plus is these days I have an old set up with VCS and VCR. Wish I had a Betamax, too. It's weird to be nostalgic for a time I wasn't born. Sure I have fond memories of growing up in the 90's and early 2000's but almost everything I love from the 90's was aimed at teens and young adults which I discovered much later.
  4. Too late for Atari to market that system. It's like releasing the Sega Genesis in a certain region the week the Nintendo 64 came out. Too late but cool variant. Exciting seeing anything Atari in Japan. A retro game store in Tokyo had a boxed Lynx but think it was an American import.
  5. Very nice. Rick Harrison will give you a shiny penny now that the restoration work won't cut in his profits. Haha, seriously tho nice work.
  6. I just won an auction for the HES release for $39 in the box. I hate talking about rarity in terms of I feel it the games should come first rather than worth etc. However, very little info I can find about it. I know Pitfall II had a chip in it to make the game bigger, so is the HES version very limited in production due to this chip? Think I saw a loose cart on Ebay 2 years ago for a high price but haven't seen one except this copy since. Also long time no see on the Atariage forums for me. been a few months or maybe closer to a year since I posted.
  7. Tape Worm and Asterix for VCS. Only buying 2 Atari games and 1 vinyl record a month so I can save more money and still have my hobbies.
  8. Atari is my only system for collecting now. I use my 3DS and Vita for retro games. I'm not selling my kidney for Earthbound or Tombi but I'll pay a few bucks for them on download services. Plus Atari is so much more fun to collect with those odd 3rd party carts. Plus I like a quick round
  9. My New Years resolution is to continue my gym routine and to save more money so only 2 Atari games and 1 vinyl purchase a month. Ordered my two games for January which are Asterix and Tape Worm.

    1. ls650


      My New Year's resolution is to not make any more resolutions.

    2. DZ-Jay


      My New Year's resolution is to make it through the end of the year, so that I can make the next year's resolution.

  10. There is probably a collector out there with 1000 Atari games and they're just pirates of Combat.
  11. Yes exactly . Has anyone with the power of the Internet attempted the crazy task of EVERY cart variant, no name company clones etc
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