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  1. Since it is VERY FAST, I'll need the new model! Any pre order somewhere.
  2. I received mine as well. fantastic !!! thank you so much! LYNX2 + LCD + RETROHQ =
  3. SainT, congrat' ! That's the BEST system ever seen for the Lynx. All others cards are rubbish.
  4. there is so few games for FALCON only. I tired road riot 4WD (works only with the FALCON/JAGUAR pad) and it is too hard very unplayable. According to the atari.8bitchips.info webage: playing with Test Drive on FALCON is ridiculous.
  5. I jumped +5V from the box input to pin 16 on the backside of the SCART connector to force RGB mode. PIN16 is cut and do not go to the SCART connector. Work very fine with my STE and FALCON to my SAMSUNG BX2450 LCD. this box cost nothing on Amazon and it is the BEST solution.
  6. Please add me to the list for a cased version. Thanks! Or PM me for details.
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