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  1. Sorry for the necro bump, but does anybody know where to buy such an adapter in the European Union? Shipping costs from the US to Europe are completely insane/bonkers.
  2. Thanks for the link to that site man! I take it that the executable for AdamEm has not changed since October 2016?
  3. Hi there IntvDave, As you know I use AdamEm to play my favorite Colecovision games because CoolCV does not run on the Pi 1. Dunno why AdvMess wasn't an option for me on the Pi 1. Does one still need to compile it from source? Anyway, IntvDave: if there's a new version of AdamEm can I get it from you again? Thank you very much for updating AdamEm for us Pi 1 owners and other interested people. Best regards, Michel
  4. That does NOT go against Linux practices. Libraries go in /lib/ apparently on a Mac they put libraries in one's home folder (i.e. ~/Library/) which is silly. And I've noticed on a Mac of a friend of mine that Apple changes policy as to which directories you as a user may acces or not (even in your home dir). It is impossible to account for Apple users when one develops software. And remember: a Mac resembles Linux in NOTHING! They share a common kernel, just like Android. The system works completely different. P.S. Does CoolCV work on a Pi 1 yet?
  5. Hi there IntvDave, Nice to see you in this topic (again). I haven't followed this topic in great detail for the last few weeks, but I watch it every now and then. I take it that the CoolCV emulator still does not work properly on the Pi 1? I know that there's an Adam emulator out there that does. The Adam was the homecomputer by Coleco that was compatible w/ Colecovision games. I never actually saw one in the stores (Holland) but read up about it on he internet. Do you think that the Adam emulator, that works on the Pi 1, will be released for a broader public? Beste regards, Meneer Jansen
  6. Again, thank you very much for making this homebrew. Donkey Kong has always been my favorite arcade game and this port to the Atari 2600 is the best homebrews I've seen.
  7. You could use PCAE (link) to record the video. Stella unfortunately does not support recording video.
  8. That first screenshot. That to me appears not to be Emulationstation as I know it (on my Pi it starts full screen). It appears to be a light weight GUI (graphical user interface, i.d. desktop environment) w/ a task bar at the bottom. If one starts an application from a GUI then a window border is always present. Some applications (like Mame) can make the window border disappear (by magic?). You could try to switch to a terminal (TTY) in Linux by pressing Ctrl + Alt F1 and to start CoolCV from there. To get back to the GUI you can press Crtl + Alt + F7 (usually the GUI starts in TTY 7, might be different on your system though). To reboot your computer if it all goes awry you can type in a terminal: sudo reboot and type in your Linux password. Succes w/ using Linux!
  9. I see from your other posts that you do not run it on a Raspberry Pi (i.e. not via RetroPie). I also understand that you do use Emulationstation on Linux to play your classic games. I don't know what Emulation station does exactly but in Mame for instance (in Linux or Windows) one can run game full screen by pressing Alt + Enter. However, if I run CoolCV from the command line on my Pi then it works full screen. And I did not install X on the Pi, only RetroPie which uses (read: autostarts) Emulationstation. Does CoolCV run in a Window on your computer or does it simply not fill the screen?
  10. Yep. For me personally AdemEm works acceptable on the Pi 1. But AdemEm is not available to everyone so I'm curious if I can recommend the Pi 1 yet to others for Colecovision classic gaming.
  11. I always liked 2600's Phoenix better than the arcade version. The arcade doesn't even have better graphics in my opinion. I was addicted to 2600 Phoenix, but did not like its arcade counter part. Maybe wasted a coin or two on the arcade version. Donkey Kong however... And I liked Atari's Ms. Pac-Man as much as the arcade version. But now-a-days (i.e. lpayoing Ms. Pac-Man for free as much as I like, just like 2600's Ms. Pac-Man) I like the arcade version much better. More so now I finally learned how the ghosts AI works (see this brilliant link, Ms. Pac-Man's ghost AI is basically the same as Pac-Man's). See video of how to "fool" the ghosts: Does anybody know if that's possible on the Atari version? I.e.: are there "safe spots" where the ghosts will not "see" you when you're in there?
  12. Was it so extremely expensive then at the time to make an 8K ROM cartridge? I thought that the costs for the actual chip itself was the least of all, but I could be wrong of course. That cheap mentality may have caused many more games to be lame.
  13. If anybody can make a proper homebrew or remake of Zaxxon I'd be a hat trick like 'Donky Kong VCS'.
  14. Like Torr said: you've got some of the best games there! From your collection so far I like best: Asteroids, Missile Command, Berzerk, Pitfall, Space Invaders, Defender, and of course the multiplayer game of all multiplayer games: Combat. Try Combat game No. 7 'Tank Pong': the zaniest tank game ever made. I've had so many laughs w/ my friends back in the day w/ this game. You can hit your opponent from the most impossible positions in the field w/ the bouncing cannon balls. I wouldn't play Pac-Man and Donkey Kong too often if I were you though...
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