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  1. I would like to be put on the list for the second wave if there is still room. Been eagerly following this project for a while!
  2. This is awesome. I was looking the other day for a protection solution for Jag CD boxes; Neo Geo box protectors seem close, but would have an inch of dead space on one side. A custom fit solution would be amazing!
  3. Okay so found another thread with a Sky Hammer overlay: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/109249-2-new-custom-overlays/ And apparently some one has done overlays for like 40 games (new and old); not trying to take away from what is happening here and I eagerly await the final results. The collecton is called "Atari Jaguar Orphan Overlay Collection" and has 2 add-ons. Will refrain from posting a link since it could be seen as competition, etc.
  4. This thread has 2 fan-made Syndicate overlays to give you some ideas. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/217368-does-syndicate-use-the-keypad-on-the-jaguar-controller/ Edit: It has 3, one further down near the bottom. Is in black and white, but still.
  5. I've seen three in my area of Louisiana, with one having a CD with it (the one that I bought). Got it with Iron Soldier, AVP, WMCJ, Zool 2, a memory track, and Cybermorph (without a label) all loose; a lot of cleaning, a controller, and two power supplies later I had a working Jag and CD with games for about $170 total. Saw another one with a CD in Mobile, Alabama during a stop on the way to Florida recently, but didn't have a price and didn't want to ask (had some questionably high prices there). They don't seem to be very common, but they are out there.
  6. I know that Syndicate and Robinson's Requiem make use of the keypad; there are a couple nice Syndicate overlay files somewhere on AtariAge. Some games that didn't come with them had overlays printed in the back pages of the manuals too.
  7. I can't remember the thread I found this one on, but some of the users said it was a good supply. https://en.retrogamesupply.com/products/power-supply-all-in-one-for-atari-jaguar-cd (Edit: Just found it http://atariage.com/forums/topic/263739-jaguar-jaguar-cd-2-in-1-power-supply/?view=findpost&p=3737337&hl=%2Bpower+%2Bsupply A single user has it, I really need to get better with the search feature) Bought one myself, it ships from France (took a while to get to the states). Haven't done much testing besides verifying it would run the systems at the same time. Universal 110-240V input, 9V & 3A output, and a lot smaller than it looks.
  8. Kind of reminds me of the RetroDC multi-console power supply. Case looks the same and uses a splitter cable too, but is about 15 USD more expensive. Going to get one of these supplies from Retro Game Supply soon since I only really need one for the Jag and CD combo.
  9. Have you used your GBS-8220 with component video crtfreak? I have been thinking about getting one and some of the component cables from HD Retrovision for a while now (for ease of use on my part), but I can't seem to find good reviews for it's component video abilities.
  10. I got roughly 6-5/8" H x 6-3/16" W x 2" T, but my box was in kind of rough shape. Hope it helps.
  11. Yeah, I kind of weird my friends out with the strange systems that I developed a liking for after finding them for relatively good prices; the Jag and CD unit, 3DO, and now Saturn are all in that camp (so is the Dreamcast, but people actually like it). And prices for a lot of systems are keeping me from getting their games, so I've been looking into CD-R burning as Bill suggested above (make sure to get a mod-chip for a Saturn if you go this route, or get an action replay and flash it with Pseudo Saturn). I mean I would love to have Lucienne's Quest for the 3DO or Panzer Dragoon Saga, Burning Rangers, Enemy Zero, etc. for the Saturn, but the prices are way out of my range. Also considering getting everdrives for cartridge systems and really curious if the Jag SD card reader cart is going to get off the ground. Travis, I have a soft spot for the underdog or under appreciated consoles too. The gaming collection sometimes feels like a rest home for washed-up athletes of gaming yesteryear. Phoenix brought up a good point about the Jag being a next logical step after collecting for the more mainstream and well know consoles. This could be a big reason people who are jumping into the hobby more recently or are getting back into it would go after the Jaguar.
  12. Same here. Found a jag, cd unit, and about 6 cartridges including AVP and a memory track at a local retro shop/record store a few years back for $150. I bought them after I got a controller for about $25 or so online and got to test the system; looks like someone tried to flush the jag cd down the toilet with the amount of corrosion on the daughterboard. Anyway, I think it has to do with the exposure it has gotten in recent years and its history. Atari, the best known company from the pioneering days of video games, made a last desperate gambit with a system that ultimately failed; sounds pretty interesting to me, but I'm one of those people that likes looking into gaming history. It probably also has something to do with the larger number of people getting into the retrogaming scene. Some stay and pay the high prices people ask, some wise up and realize that the insane prices on eBay are unreasonable, others get a bunch of stuff and then dump it all, and the smart ones get out while they can. I am sadly not one of the smart ones as "the orphanage" has another member (after all my complaining of high prices, I bought a Saturn), bringing the total up to 14 consoles.
  13. I'm not trying to come off as "they should be the prices I say", but some of the stuff is just ridiculously priced and there is very little market for it. I recently got a 3DO and some of the prices for games I find are rather reasonable since no one cares about the darn thing, but the Jaguar (as we all know) has some pretty insane prices when it should be in about the same area of relevance. That can lead into a topic of fads and popularity because it is "an awful piece of hardware" that everyone wants to own, but that has been discussed thoroughly by people more knowledgeable than me on this forum already. I also have nothing against Buy It Now listings as long as it is reasonable, and best offers are great as long as the seller actually intends to review offers and not instantly reject anything that is not $5 less than the Buy It Now price. But the problem is that these kinds of listings can drive up the price and keep it high; an item is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Granted, someone usually buys these items regardless of how they are priced, but auctions feel like a better measurement and standard to me. They may be more inconvenient for some, but you get the item sold and sometimes actually get more than the item would have sold for otherwise. I understand that there is a market that is always fluctuating and that I can't always get a deal, but it is the same reason I drive an hour out of our town once a month to go to see the game store in the next city; the prices are higher than the market. The store in the next city has prices that are competitive with even eBay and they usually have a special sale or two to further reduce the price. I'm still spending a lot of money on this stuff even at current market price, but I feel good about it and don't feel like I'm getting ripped off like at the local store. Same mentality for me on eBay; if something is reasonable I'll probably go for it, especially if it doesn't show up often. Not like the copy of Brain Dead 13 complete for Jag CD a while back on eBay that didn't sell for like $150 or so, so it got relisted at $200 the next time around. That kind of mentality is crazy to me, but if people have the time to let it sit then they don't have do to anything with it. I guess I got a little worked up and long winded here. If actually got my point across here, I'll be surprised since I am not the best at writing down stuff like this. Anyway, this is always an interesting topic to me and I never intend to come off as pious or any other "high and mighty" mentality.
  14. You are a saint of the eBay retro gaming scene. I want every snobby and stupid eBay seller that has stuff roll over on their exclusively Buy It Now listings to read this. I have personally watched items get relisted for months at the same price and never sell, or worse getting relisted for HIGHER PRICES after not selling the first time. Some wise up and lower prices (incrementally usually) until it sells, but so many don't. One seller (who will go unnamed and has been a real dick to me recently) finally saw the light and has been taking down their Buy it now or best offer listings and set up auctions instead. They went from literally hundreds of listings to about fifteen at the moment since they can actually sell their shit now instead of people waiting for it to come down to a reasonable price.
  15. If you're strange like me and want a cable with composite and s-video, your best bet it to make a cable yourself. Just google "atari jaguar diy s-video" and you will find what you need in the links on the first page. Really basic soldering skills so not a big deal, but some people just don't have the tools or time. Still, the ability to make your own custom cable is cool; mine has video leads so I can plug in any s-video/composite cables to make it as long as I need.
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