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  1. Hello, looking to sell this lot of 18 games. All work...cleaned and tested. Prefer to sell as a lot. Please be known Atari Age member (as opposed to someone just now making a profile). Will take best reasonable offer. If no good offers I'll put on eBay (bur prefer not to!) If any questions, please just ask! Please note: Will weigh over two pounds to mail so will go 2-3 day USPS priority @ $13.60. No boxes, no instructions unless noted. Includes: Antarctic Adventure Omega Race (with instructions) Victory (x2) Pitstop (x2) Space Panic Slither Baseball (with overlay and instructions) Football (with overlay and instructions) Wing War War Games Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventure in the Park Miner 2049er War Room Smurf Paint 'n Play Workshop Subroc Chuck Norris (Single Ender - Not pictured) Thank you!
  2. Saw these for at Ollie's Closeouts last night for $19.99, fyi.. (edit: why did this post blank at first?)
  3. Mark wrote back. Nice guy, but unfortunately a dead end. He suspected Steve Cartwright, but I said he didn't know anything about it. "Interesting. I was at Activision then and recall something like this being shown. Have you asked Steve Cartwright? Suspect it was his." "Nope. It wasn't Sacramento. Sorry. Felt a bit like a Frostbite. Which was awesome. Maybe best vcs game ever."
  4. I'm in contact with Mark Turmell. I've sent him the video and hopefully he'll check it out this morning. He's west coast so there will be a bit of a wait. Hopefully not long.
  5. The characters look straight out of Sneakers and Fast Eddie. Anyone know Mark Turmell well enough to ask if he programmed this?
  6. Ha. Now they are promoting a competing Atari website/forum on the Coleco FB page. That'll show you, Albert!!! That'll show all of you!!
  7. This honestly may be one of the greatest posts of all time. Amazing you are trying to turn this around with you as the victim with the added bonus of blaming Albert. Dude. YOU started all this. YOU did. The icing on the cake though is quoting MLK at the end. Nice victimy touch. I hope you don't get banned. I'm completely fascinated by how oblivious you are. And you're in charge of branding? Ha! Oh, and the Mengele thing, too. So much to enjoy!
  8. Jeez, dude. THAT'S your reply after crapping on a fan site??
  9. Not posted yet? http://www.geekade.com/newsfeed/2016/3/25/say-hello-to-the-retro-cd-o
  10. Also, to Carl....I strongly advise you not to go down the print magazine path. I recommended this to the Manci Games Magazine guy and I even said it to Mike Kennedy when he was hatching the idea. Neither listened to me, which makes me the world's worst consultant, but I can't say it loudly enough. It's a financial black hole and there are really no assets there that you need. You don't need the name and you don't need the domains. Just keep your name and your niche and expand digitally if you feel the need. I know you are thinking, "yeah...but I KNOW I can do it better and make it successful." Don't chase that rainbow. Just my friendly advice.
  11. Wow. That was some real hard hitting commentary. If you thought for even one second there was a Super NES in that thing then you're a conspiracy theorist. How has that lasted for 60 episodes?
  12. I like your site. I sold you my Asterix proto many years ago.
  13. This x10. When I did CGM I didn't put a huge emphasis on whether someone had excellent writing skills. The fun was always reading the writer's passion on the subject. Tight editing can fix most writing problems if you spend some time on it. The most feedback we ever received on an article was about a guy finding a Tooth Protectors at his dentist's office. I like the old adage that everyone has a story to tell so I liked letting people tell them even if they had no experience writing. We live in the era where we can tell the first-hand stories and experiences before we leave the planet. So document them even if you "can't write."
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