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  1. It's the usual false equivalence tack. He uses the word "peers" to attach himself to their group i.e. He believes he is of the same standing as those mentioned earlier in his diatribe. From his earlier propaganda podcasts he says he was advised to get into the book and video production after a discussion with ashen and dj slopes. A "you know your stuff you should do it" discussion according to him.
  2. For your further delectation... This is how you get banned from his groups and get called a strangely familiar snowflake phrase (okay retrogamerssuck?) We then get into another technical discussion on rayman versions which comes down to the "you are wrong" followed by the "no, you ARE wrong" defence.
  3. Here is a prime example of the Kieren Hawken deny, attack, deflect technique at work. This relates to one of his videos where he used emulated footage of games running at wrong speed. The jaguar version of Doom running at twice speed and the psx running on a badly configured emulator. He got pulled up on it and the source of his material. He then goes into the authority by reputation (I.e. Trust me) defence before ignoring the evidence. Epilogue: He then used the same erroneous footage in a video about 4 weeks later.
  4. And if people would like to report the Tim account on YouTube that keeps commenting on how great Kieren's videos are. 150k subscribers, total of 4 video uploads on how to increase your traffic, been on 6 months. Not at all a sub4sub style account. No siree That's on the video kieren uploaded yesterday.
  5. From the archives... More evidence of claiming to have been co-author of the dizzy book.
  6. I believe the nez review in the first picture is the one that was changed after properly reading the book. Also noticeable that the only 5 star reviews are from unverified purchasers. Guess that SJ is from retro museum in Leicester, where Kieren occasionally hangs out and Retro Girl is....... Probably Kieren in a hat. As for over 160 pages.... Does that include the 27 pages of single letters found in his other books. BTW you can report false advertising online, including Facebook and twitter, via the asa website https://www.asa.org.uk/make-a-complaint.html
  7. He's still tweeting his innocence (or is that I've-no-sense) Apparently you should listen to him because this proves he was right as RP knew what sort of people Chris and Craig were before he told her IN THIS THREAD YOU MUPPET, YOU'D OBVIOUSLY BEEN CHATTING TO HER BEFORE. Then using the incredible ninja technique of telling people (supporters no less) directly what to do and getting pissed off when they don't listen. Justification for that came down to.... Magic moonbeams and unicorn farts. He is NEVER going to admit anything. Like this post number on German - it's nein nein nein. (I left out the feigned surprise when he discovered atari fan account had gone quiet)
  8. FYI - the retrogamer sucks account tweeted at about 3.20am, just retweeting the retrolaird "my family" tweet. In case people missed it, the atari fan account name and background picture was previously used by JattDave
  9. Apparently this post made his wife cry and you've lost the moral high ground as a result of bringing his family into it. Well that's his view according to twitter. I cannot see where you've brought his family into it (except mentioning his brother was there) - this would suggest Kieren's reading and comprehension skills are on a par with his writing. Alternatively he could be just trying to change the narrative again like he did 3 years ago on js3 when he was caught out.
  10. If you need to find out the "blocked" posts then just search and view in browser instead of the twitter app. I.e. Not logged in. If you do that then you'll see the following. He's in talk to himself mode, much like when he used to talk to Jason Jonson
  11. For a real laugh watch his latest video, where he "reviews" his own book on the 2600. I watched it. My opinion? It's awful.... Not just a little bit, totally awful. He diesnt actually appear to know anything about the book itself, flicking to random pages and is surprised at what he finds. Goes rambling about how great Andrews publishing is and how they are busy with mini64 (which he also mentions involvement with). Then plugs future volumes. Reason for his recommendation? It's cheap at 9. 99 for 168 pages (of which 27 are a single letter or the # symbol). Few issues I spotted: There aren't 10 games per letter as he says. The layout is abysmal - if I were a betting person I'd say he didn't realise that a standard vertical ebook format doesn't work in paper format. So line spacing etc don't look correct. The margins on left and right appear to be swapped meaning you cant read the pages fully due to the spine of the book. It's almost as if it's been printed one page out (have a look at the non centered single letters placement) and the marginal offsets are incorrect as a result. That's without going into the spelling or grammar as I've an aversion to fish in a barrel. Many trees died to make that book, or at least a few bushes were battered to death. BTW, yes his "remind you of christmas or birthdays" intro ctrl-v is still there.
  12. You should put two clenched fists on there, would make it look even more penis like.
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