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  1. Warning: data segment size of sound_data.o is not a phrase multiple AddSymbols: for file sound_data.o t_bbase = $0 d_bbase = $0 o_bbase = $0 tsize = $0 dsize = $3A9E2 bsize = $0 reloc.tsize = $0 reloc.dsize = $0 AddSymbolToHashList(): hptr=$E1D79510, sym="_song", ofile=$E1F2D8F0, value=$0, type=$7000000 Warning: data segment size of display.o is not a phrase multiple AddSymbols: for file display.o t_bbase = $0 d_bbase = $0 o_bbase = $0 tsize = $5CA dsize = $22 bsize = $20 reloc.tsize = $68 reloc.dsize = $0 In the log file would appear to be an issue when linked in that the linker could be not padding.
  2. Have you been looking at your own games again? Or are you actually just trying to appear relevant to jaguar development instead of the punchline to a joke? (Asking for a friend)
  3. They all look very professional and I'm aware that certain other developers have a habit of "borrowing" assets without accreditation. Tldr there is no slight intended on you.
  4. I read that as "did the Meth"" the first time. Nice artistic style, take it these are all new graphics and not stock?
  5. They are all sleeping wiv the angles...
  6. Those pictures look so blurry and washed out I thought they were stills from the “game”. So who had 17 hours in the cough before cold sweepstake?
  7. I'm not going nitpicking but if it's a fixed turret, isn't the parallax wrong? The furthest things away would move quickest and explosions should move faster relative to turret movement Looks pretty enough though.
  8. Just remember to look at reviews of them first...
  9. Given that he can't remember the name of the company, details on a vague spiritual crystal castles sequel" would not really be of much jaguar interest. Especially since he says that occurred "AFTER ATARI SHUT DOWN", as it would limit sales somewhat.
  10. Or, that he confused it with fight for life. Yes it was going to be on jaguar, as the contracts said, but didn't appear to have any work done or assets supplied.
  11. Needs this in the background...
  12. You might want to look up, that's the joke going over your head
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