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  1. There would be a lot of work involved due to the 2.5d nature of the graphics and the way there are limited mobile character types in the game, each of which require a lot of sprite designs. The Chex wad, for example, takes about 4 meg at present so by the time you've added a few other characters you are running out of space (as there is also the overhead of maintaining the character traits in ram too) That said a dungeon crawler style game could work.
  2. A quick update on not doom: Still some work to be done but getting there slowly
  3. Done as a test, and revealed a few "interesting" bits about the internal doom engine. Those are the contents of the pc wad converted to jaguar (sound,. Textures, flats and sprites) - still some errors (like the flemoids going invisible and the HUD location being a bit off) but playable.
  4. It's just his Star Wars, empire strikes back third film, re-enactment society meetings. They mostly concern themselves with the light saber dueling though...
  5. That's correct *but* when it's assigned the initial value in this code: volatile uint16_t *clut = (uint16_t *)CLUT + index; it's an addition of a 16 bit (index) to 32 (CLUT)
  6. Looks more like a 16 bit addition issue - you've got a pointer that will be 32 bit (even if it is a pointer to an unsigned integer) and are then adding a 16 bit value to it.
  7. Because it's incredibly inefficient/slower Here is a simple example, if you do a select statement which has 20 plus discrete values - but 15 of them are the same operation with a slightly different value then the code you would be generating would have to do upto 20 comparisons before executing the bit you wanted. So, in your scaling code for example, by the time you got to the value 23 you will have already had to test if it is 20,17,14 etc. All these operations carry out the same scaling function but have an addition you could already have obtained from the passed number. Compare this with the following: if X is greater than 13 and less than 70 Scale Xpos by (X-13)*2/3+4 Scale ypos by (x-13)*2/3+4 Endif Only has to do 2 compares and a computation for all values in the range. This compares with the between 2 and 20 for every entry in your version. It also doesn't slow down execution as the number gets higher. Scaling is as LinkoVich said - you have no design for the code, a simple change in one area will have knock on effects throughout the entire code. As for the sound I take it you applied suitable filters to the audio to account for the aliasing effects you'll encounter playing it back at a different rate.
  8. After looking through your code I feel like it's possible I'm going to die in 7 days. What is evident is: 1. You have absolutely no idea of code design and reuse. Is the reason for using two sprites for the banana because you forgot to scale hit boxes? 2. You cut and paste blocks of code that have the same function, then change the sprite name while also not understanding basic maths. E.g. sprite scaling using a case statement that has a simple mathematical relationship between the values (hint: every increase of 3 adds 2). Also worth noting that you are using the 'timer' to simulate z depth. 3. Your movement/joystick routine is hard coded for all possible items on screen. It doesn't scale as a result. 4. Your music playback is meh because you don't understand the effect sample rates and playback have on audio quality (suggest a read up on Nyquist for why doubling sample rates and then playing back at half speed is a bad thing). E.g. https://blogs.surrey.ac.uk/arts/2015/07/08/a-painful-lesson-in-sampling-rates/
  9. It does remind me very much of the old mainframe game rogue mixed with a bit of temple of apshai. This is a good thing. One thing I did notice in video was room items popup as you were moving - leave item in room, move to next and item disappears though room remains on screen. Item then reappears when you move back towards first room. Its an inconsistency as, if you can see the full set of walls of a previously visited room, why wouldn't you see what you had left in there too.
  10. Nice, suggest maybe looking at rainbow walker on the 8 bit for some ideas of gameplay options you could use.
  11. Twin shop???? Nice to see last strike catering for the British shopkeeper market
  12. He doesn't seem to realise that he's transformed into this Viz character. When you have more twitter users blocked than following...
  13. Perhaps you could bundle it with some of the other games you've worked on but didn't finish.
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