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  1. Nice, suggest maybe looking at rainbow walker on the 8 bit for some ideas of gameplay options you could use.
  2. Twin shop???? Nice to see last strike catering for the British shopkeeper market
  3. He doesn't seem to realise that he's transformed into this Viz character. When you have more twitter users blocked than following...
  4. Perhaps you could bundle it with some of the other games you've worked on but didn't finish.
  5. Maybe replace cockfighting with bear baiting. Also oddball sports games? Tennis, bowling and boxing????
  6. He never lets facts get in the way though - this was posted about an hour ago concerning his YouTube upload.
  7. As this game is a cd release, and going to be included in the upcoming rebooted cart, why would a rom box be useful? I don’t believe it’s ever been released officially on cart
  8. Actually he won't be making anything off YouTube as he doesn't meet the basic monetisation criteria. Given the lack of engagement on vids I think it's safe to say this situation may continue.
  9. Well if it stops him just bundling together videos from the video games database channel on YouTube. E.g. Or Etc ... Other sources are available
  10. Slight concept change for you though - it's not the sound getting out of sync with the video, it's the video getting out of sync with the sound. The sound frame is generated first to cover the upcoming number of video blobs (be that I or P frames). Somehow the conversion routines have decided that after about 194 seconds, there is only one frame of video required to fill the time space the sound occupies. Sound blobs do not have a time associated with them (that's why they have 0xffffffff attached to the time tag in the blob header). Looking at the disassembly shows a bit of signed to unsigned character maths so wouldn't be surprised if that was where the error lay.
  11. He's back..... Apparently it was all copyright trolls that stopped his YouTube channel. From his reupload of the Vega video.
  12. Odd that horsenburger didn’t credit Kizza though https://www.horsenburger.com/post/2019/04/02/team-17-teletext-worms-edition he only links to the team17 story
  13. Proof he's still reading here Look at the comments on the geekly story. If only he hadn't deleted all those Twitter posts where he was discussing it..
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