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  1. Perhaps I should update this post from when it started - about 4 years ago...
  2. When you say that you are basing your new game on the holiday version because it doesn't have collision issues, and you are then shown what was meant then you appear to not acknowledge there is an issue you now need to correct. It is not trolling, it is correcting erroneous statements. If you reread the quote then you will see it is talking about reboot. They are highly experienced coders who only release 1 or 2 original games a year. They have the skills and yet still take aeons. You are currently putting out how many? The number of projects you've hyped and never went anywhere too (the western game, the boxing, saucer wars, fpga jaguar, tengen games etc. ) should be included. All told I believe you've announced about 20 titles inside 3 years. I wasn't intending to reply further but thought I would address the specific charges here. How is pointing out errors trolling? You made an assertion, it was proven wrong by your own admission and yet you still carry on insisting. Time to admit and move on. FYI your own video shows errors, look at the third iteration where two cookies hit the ground and yet you lose 3 lives (50 second mark).
  3. I can answer that if you want 1. those are all taken from the second opinion games review, who received a nice boxed copy 2. I did wonder in the cookie game if the fire destroyed them, you can see the scores going up sometimes. However the scores did not increase when the double cookie disappeared and they did not contact the flame. 3. The clique of the "no jeffs allowed" club are going back in time and faking the vid caps to just victimize him. 4. He was logged in here as I posted the first set and then logged out. Somehow Jeff has got it into his head that experienced people, who normally release 1 or 2 original games a year, and who released their tools to allow an easy method of programming for anyone, are chastising him for rushing out non-properly-playtested money grabs. Anyone who points out faults is cojoined to the group. To paraphrase my mother: Jeffs games are all fur coat and no knickers or he has delusions of adequacy.
  4. thought I'd better quote that for posterity. Jeff says there is NO COLLUSION! sorry NO COLLISION ISSUES! so those pictures must be alternative facts.
  5. and not forgetting the cookie game with random'o'miss mode - miss cookies and they don't register. or the 'easter egg' where even the reviewer goes ehm...why?
  6. that is totally unfair - using facts to prove him wrong. If you want to see real issues look at the 5min plus mark of the second review games video, there are some definite WTF moments. e.g. the let's miss while small the lets just go straight through the meh...maybe I will, maybe I wont
  7. Careful, you'll end up on the list. As to the bugs in ff64holidayedition... Apart from the copyright infringements (e.g. using the downfall guy graphic), bad collision detection and speed variation errors no...it's his most polished work.
  8. As a final question from me on Jeff's hungry shark evolution copy, since when did jaguar real hardware display a fraps value? For crimes against baked potato, humanity, or even huge manatee's, you have been sentenced to death by public frying, 4 lunches from today.
  9. You should probably highlight the phrase "final gameplay" too, it's not as if that would imply that it was indicative of the actual gameplay would it...
  10. The evidence before you, is incontrovertible, there's no need for the jury to decide. In all my years of judging I have never seen before, someone more deserving of the full penalty of law.
  11. Quick reply as....well you really aren't answering much. Why would you post something like this elsewhere then?
  12. He truly is the great panjandrum - hes got a little list..... To pose a few questions then: 1. You say its a graphic demo, yet say its a gameplay demo in other locations. Which is it? 2. You say you dont have a box design, yet again you announce in different locations that whos prepared for this [email protected] bad boy using the same artwork to advertise. Which is it? 3. The rumoured indiegogo campaign is in your signature block, the amount of backers should give you an indication of the actual interest I.e. none. Since it has now morphed into a buy these carts for 60 dollars campaign do you think it is ethical to sell other peoples work to profit? 4. You state that the reason for the characters being clothed is due to a cruise accident, as all the characters in the video are male are you trying to corner the pink dollar market now you have exhausted the goodwill of the jaguar market? 5. Does your game design really come down to transparency and blood effect? 6. You state it will not just be a reskin of ff64 holiday edition, yet also state it will be based on it I.e. moving a sprite to eat some things while avoiding others. Which is it? 7. Will you answer any of the earlier questions e.g. did you post a video of jag boxing that showed graphics that could not be part of the game?
  13. You are aware that a single = is an assignments and not a comparison? As such your statement makes even less sense. The word animation also does not mean what you think it does - have you actually seen your video? Or the one from the week before? What animation is the shark showing?
  14. Oh, and your shark looks like it came from here; https://www.canstockphoto.com.au/side-view-of-shark-isolated-on-white-3d-39731939.html Do I get money now?
  15. No, it's too high Rez. That's the "not the box art" picture. Since you seem unable to even spell transparent for your indiegogo campaign - it does make searching for where it was discussed a bit awkward http://atariage.com/forums/topic/270588-software-transparencies-on-the-jaguar/
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