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  1. If i was someone wanting to blow the whistle on someone else in the community he'd be the last person id reach out to as it would just remove all credibility. Whats the over under on not one of these alledged emails getting released.
  2. Easy way to find out, someone ask him if its him and to post a short video clip of himself saying its him, on the actual twitter account. Hes got nothing to lose if it is him.
  3. Clan Forsyth is a Scottish clan. Wikipedia Motto: Instaurator ruinae (A repairer of ruin) Bit too fucking late, if it is even legit.
  4. Just incase anyone's new to reading this thread and wondering why he's red-dotting these people here's a TLDR. Kim Justice (Envy) Good youtuber, positive contributer to the retro community and through hard work has got where they are. Paul Rose (Resentment) Teletext uber deity, good youtuber and supporter of other youtubers/content creators. Also didn't recognise Kizzas brilliance the one time they met. Octavius (Envy) Same as Kim Justice and open about her mental health problems which Kieren expolited to almost push her over the edge to please the publisher of his shitty books. Retro Princess (Envy) Similar to Octavius but makes retro plushies. Aravelle (????) Not sure who this is but you can guarantee they did nothing to warrant the harassment. Larry Bundy JR Corrected Kizzas claims that he wrote "almost half" of his Fact Hunt youtube videos when he only wrote "about 5". Kizza does also target bad actors in the community, though only to try to shift the spotlight thats been on him since this thread began.
  5. Wow i didn't know about that, kind of solidifies what everyone is saying about his inability to accept he's doing/has done anything wrong, anyone with a shred of decency would realise they were the problem when it escalated to that point.
  6. He did a few from what ive seen but he only got the gig because he pissed and whinged on the RG forums so much that they did it to shut him up. I'm sure someone else can elaborate further but thats the gist of it.
  7. Quite telling that both him and the troll accounts dont know what an incel is, both assuming its the same as a white knight when its infact the opposite.
  8. It needs to be someone he's still trying to sliver round like Guru Larry who should offer to host it then he cant call them biased for fear of losing work in the future. My prediction is he'll squirm his was out of this by rejecting all offers then go around saying he offered to to have this pow wow but no one took him up on the offer because they have no evidence/were lying.
  9. Ive seen he's been hanging around Guru Larry's tweets like a stale guff recently. Just thought id leave these here for prosperity. 1. He "contributed" to the fact hunt book. 2 and 3 - Proven Misogynist, Content Thief, Shitstirrer and all around bad egg gets angry at Proven Homopobe, Content Thief, Shitstirrer and all around bad egg.
  10. True, but he then cant bolster his warped view of himself as he'd just be Anon A Anonson on here. Most of this destruction has been purely to lift his own profile in the retro community.
  11. As someone who would also consider themselves more on the casual side of retro gaming i can understand, in isolation, criticising his sub par writing could be seen as nitpicking. However in the grand scheme of things the content he produces is a big part of the reason so many people in this thread and beyond have been screwed over by him. He caused all this harm and illwill just so he could be the go to Atari guy, if anyone comes along who's knowlegable about the scene and gets the slightest recognition for it, K's weasling away behind the scenes destroying their character. He cant beat them through talent so he sneakily destroys their credibility till they are no longer a threat to his crown So to hold his work up is to say "this is what you wrecked (or attempted to) so many peoples lives for." It's like a jockey drugging all the other horses before the big race but still only placing second from last because the nag he's riding around on is well overdue for the knackers yard.
  12. Looks like Retro Gamer have burned a bridge with the Computer Museum after nicking their idea they had planned. Bit of a crappy move to pull after losing some goodwill from the community after this whole LairdGate thing got exposed. It makes me question if they knew about Keiren's behaviour but just gave him a pass because he could churn out Atari fodder that no one else could be bothered with. Annoying thing is we'll never know for sure, i personally can't give them the benefit of the doubt anymore though after this latest thing so have cancelled my sub.
  13. I've got a sneaky suspicion that because he killed the original channel before youtube did he may have found a loophole.
  14. Am i missing something here, how can a Video CD be a "Homebrew Game" ?. Im also wondering how "Interactive" it is compared to say a Petrol station bin Cockney gangster film DVD.
  15. Thought id attach this checksum info for the PDF. So when he inevitably takes it down and claims the mirrored copies have been edited, there's something to compare it to. (Not that actual proof means anything to him)
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