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  1. Is this based on the arcade game Jack the Giant Killer ?
  2. This is dated earlier than the known 2/13/84 proto....this most likely will have some noticeable differences.
  3. what is "Behind Jaggi Lines" ? Rescue on Fractulas....
  4. so why they stick a journey escape label on it?
  5. Galloping Ghost Arcade has this game.
  6. Couldn't handle it? If it could handle multiple Gradius games, it could handle R-Type. Someone did a hack of an existing game to make an NES version of R-Type --
  7. Version 133 is supposedly the final isn't it? Thus this one should be the final also...
  8. It's likely talking about the PC game - I've played the C64 version.
  9. I think Tempest forgot to share this here... http://www.atariprotos.com/8bit/software/cheezwiz/cheezwiz.htm Yes you're reading that title right, we're talkin' about Cheez Wiz! No not the processed cheese spread of questionable taste, but rather a new and completely unknown prototype for the Atari 8-bits starring Seraphena the Mouse. Go on over to the Cheez-Wiz page and check out the full review. Thanks to John Hardie for graciously providing this rom.
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