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  1. I doubt that's what it is, but it resembles the obscure arcade game Zzyzzyxx by Cinematronics after seeing footage of it today.
  2. There's three sites - http://www.aurcade.com/locations/view.aspx?id=6142- Arlington http://www.aurcade.com/locations/view.aspx?id=3062- Richardson http://www.aurcade.com/locations/view.aspx?id=6144- Denton
  3. So when shall Tempest review this one ?
  4. National Videogame Museum in Frisco, TX is wondering about a white case 2600 that was found and is being displayed. Since the 2600 jr. was in a black case, this has to be a proto. They are looking for info on it.
  5. For the initial visit - you need two full days, but now that it's over 700 games you may need three.
  6. My advice - visit the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL - 705 arcade games on the floor from the 70s to the 2010s. It's the best place to go if you're a longtime arcade junkie.
  7. Well I wanted to do mazes based on the arcade PROTOTYPE of Wizard of Wor - Invisible Monsters....alas, easier said than done...due to the maze being shrunken...
  8. Yes that is Super Galaxian, and there's a second formation with EIGHT flagships, and Escorts would materialize outta thin air with them even if you blasted all of them away.
  9. You can find a bunch of these on that 60 in 1 board - or Galloping Ghost Arcade or Underground Retrocade.
  10. Play the Super Galaxian ROMs and you'll think the "very hard" version is a cakewalk...
  11. Youtuber John Riggs posted this video today of a proto discovery --
  12. I thought the PAL version was the contest version....
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