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  1. Someone made the video private. I'm guessing it's from Tipster's channel, he made everything on it private. Ugh. He's been very unhappy with how Youtube has treated creators of late and is wanting to move out.
  2. I doubt that's what it is, but it resembles the obscure arcade game Zzyzzyxx by Cinematronics after seeing footage of it today.
  3. There's three sites - http://www.aurcade.com/locations/view.aspx?id=6142- Arlington http://www.aurcade.com/locations/view.aspx?id=3062- Richardson http://www.aurcade.com/locations/view.aspx?id=6144- Denton
  4. So when shall Tempest review this one ?
  5. National Videogame Museum in Frisco, TX is wondering about a white case 2600 that was found and is being displayed. Since the 2600 jr. was in a black case, this has to be a proto. They are looking for info on it.
  6. For the initial visit - you need two full days, but now that it's over 700 games you may need three.
  7. My advice - visit the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL - 705 arcade games on the floor from the 70s to the 2010s. It's the best place to go if you're a longtime arcade junkie.
  8. Well I wanted to do mazes based on the arcade PROTOTYPE of Wizard of Wor - Invisible Monsters....alas, easier said than done...due to the maze being shrunken...
  9. Yes that is Super Galaxian, and there's a second formation with EIGHT flagships, and Escorts would materialize outta thin air with them even if you blasted all of them away.
  10. You can find a bunch of these on that 60 in 1 board - or Galloping Ghost Arcade or Underground Retrocade.
  11. Play the Super Galaxian ROMs and you'll think the "very hard" version is a cakewalk...
  12. Youtuber John Riggs posted this video today of a proto discovery --
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