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  1. Hello, I am keen to understand the inner workings of the game Crossfire for the Atari 8-bit computer. I find it to be a great game. I'm then going to try to port it slowly to all the other 8-bit computers, to learn how to program each old 80s micro. As a starting point, unlikely I know, does anyone have the original source code for the game Crossfire? If not, what would be the best software to disassemble this game? Thanks in advance, Nick
  2. I have been trying to get my Atari 520ST to work with an old external floppy SF354. Firstly the SF354 is the new type, with a PCB that has some chips on it. The floppy drive that came with it does not work. I plugged in an Amiga A600 floppy drive and this works well. I assume that is a double density single sided floppy drive. So I am trying to get a Gotek USB floppy emulator with HxC firmware to work with this external drive interface. It doesn't. I've been suggested elsewhere this maybe because the Gotek is double sided. I have no idea what files I am supposed to have on the HxC firmware Gotek for the Atari ST, and how to ensure it is behaving as single sided rather than double sided. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Nick
  3. Any idea what the latest installation method is? With the latest Retropie it is possible to install from the Experimental menu Ti99Sim. The Github for retropie then says to put the roms and BIOS in the usual places. It does say however to put the BIOS file into the folder TI99, which doesn't exist. I also see in the config file that the BIOS is not being referenced. Anyway, I can't seem to get it working, so wondered if I was missing a step. Thanks.
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