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  1. Thanks! Ok no memory upgrade, and I don't see any jumper wires either, I'll attempt that mod myself then. Seems like one of the cd4051 chips is broken. I couldn't find any error in the cable or traces. So I switched those 2 IC's and other keys started to malfunction (and the original malfunctioning working again). Very cheap chips though, too bad it's saturday evening, have to wait till next week...
  2. Thanks, with the monitor cable, I do get a picture, and the machine seems to work. The top left keys are not working though, I should look at the keyboard cable and connector... Also is some kind of command to query how much memory the machine has? I was wondering if this machine had the 64k memory mod installed... Thanks!
  3. Hello there, I got a quick question for all you atari expert here I'v recently found an old atari 600XL with no power supply or other cables. I've looked up the input voltages and hooked the atari up to a simple 5v, 1.5A ac-dc converter. Now when I turn the atari on I get a red power light on, but my tv cannot find any channels on the rf-output (it can find the signal for the nintendo, so i suppose the tv can't be the problem?) I also came some information that said you should not use an alternative power supply for the 600XL, at least not an unreglated. What exactly are the requirement for the atari 600XL power supply? I've measured the voltages from mine. With the atari off, it gives 5.23 volts. When I switch the atari on it goes to 5.07 volt. That's 3%. Should I assume that the converter I have is unregulated? Or is 5.07 too low? Any information on the matter would be welcome, I hope I can get this nice machine to work again. I'm going to try building a video cable for the monitor connected today, to see if only the rf-module is busted. Thank you! Bram
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