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  1. To help with anxiety, I played a lot Donkey kong 64 on N64 while eating bananas. I also playing zelda windwaker on gameCube and just sail on ocean, really relaxing.
  2. Can you send an image to test ? ; sprite 0 - decors GFX ************ dc.l 1 ; (REPEAT COUNTER) ; Create this many objects of this type (or 1 for a single object) dc.l is_active ; sprite_active ; sprite active flag dc.w 48,0 ; sprite_x ; 16.16 x value to position at dc.w 16,0 ; sprite_y ; 16.16 y value to position at dc.w 0,0 ; sprite_xadd ; 16.16 x addition for sprite movement dc.w 0,0 ; sprite_yadd ; 16.16 y addition for sprite movement dc.l 256 ; sprite_width ; width of sprite (in pixels) dc.l 192 ; sprite_height ; height of sprite (in pixels) dc.l is_normal ; sprite_flip ; flag for mirroring data left<>right dc.l 0 ; sprite_coffx ; x offset from center for collision box center dc.l 0 ; sprite_coffy ; y offset from center for collision box center dc.l 0 ;32/2 ; sprite_hbox ; width of collision box dc.l 0 ;5/2 ; sprite_vbox ; height of collision box dc.l decorsGFX ; sprite_gfxbase ; start of bitmap data dc.l 8 ; (BIT DEPTH) ; bitmap depth (1/2/4/8/16/24) dc.l is_RGB ; (CRY/RGB) ; bitmap GFX type dc.l is_opaque ; (TRANSPARENCY) ; bitmap TRANS flag dc.l 256*192 ; sprite_framesz ; size per frame in bytes of sprite data dc.l 256 ; sprite_bytewid ; width in bytes of one line of sprite data dc.l 0 ; sprite_animspd ; frame delay between animation changes dc.l 0 ; sprite_maxframe ; number of frames in animation chain dc.l ani_rept ; sprite_animloop ; repeat or play once dc.l edge_wrap ; sprite_wrap ; wrap on screen exit, or remove dc.l spr_inf ; sprite_timer ; frames sprite is active for (or spr_inf) dc.l spr_linear ; sprite_track ; use 16.16 xadd/yadd or point to 16.16 x/y table dc.l 0 ; sprite_tracktop ; pointer to loop point in track table (if used) dc.l spr_unscale ; sprite_scaled ; flag for scaleable object dc.l %00100000 ; sprite_scale_x ; x scale factor (if scaled) dc.l %00100000 ; sprite_scale_y ; y scale factor (if scaled) dc.l -1 ; sprite_was_hit ; initially flagged as not hit dc.l 0 ; sprite_CLUT ; no_CLUT (8/16/24 bit) or CLUT (1/2/4 bit) dc.l can_hit ; sprite_colchk ; if sprite can collide with another dc.l cd_keep ; sprite_remhit ; flag to remove (or keep) on collision dc.l single ; sprite_bboxlink ; single for normal bounding box, else pointer to table dc.l 1 ; sprite_hitpoint ; Hitpoints before death dc.l 2 ; sprite_damage ; Hitpoints deducted from target dc.l 256 ; sprite_gwidth ; GFX width (of data) assets.txt : abs,decorsGFX,gfx_clut,assets\GFX\decor\dec.bmp in abs: ' chargement des palettes loadclut(strptr(decorsGFX_clut),0,256) ' palette DecorS
  3. Very strange indeed ... Maybe it's the "adventure 2600" reboot on PC with RPG maker ?
  4. Oooh I never thought about it 😭 This is what happens when you get too much into the code and don't test often enough. I'll keep this in mind.
  5. For the record, the first time I tested the game on my Jaguar, I used an RCA connection and I only put the right cable... No Music and an heart attack.
  6. Thanks, it's always a pleasure to hear that. Yep. It's only mono because I use wav file and that take a lot of space. Need to use mod music for futur games. The second Character is a little more difficult version of the game to unlock.
  7. Yep, sorry. I forgot to remove the debug level mode It's christmas before christmas Great job. The secret is to use the left-right screen. Exit on one side, enter on the other side.
  8. We use the megadrive version by Shiru (with his agreement). Marss improved all assets with more color and animation. I hope so, Need to correct bugs before to make a perfect box version.
  9. Thanks, I use the removers library. It's a C lib. http://removers.free.fr/softs/download.php?lang=fr Yep, it's 8 bits game but I love 8-bits computer game
  10. Thanks guys Yep, I have made mono raw sound to save some space. I need to create and add mod file but didn't find time yet. I've an "old" version only with 8-bits graphx, so I had just change the gameplay engine. The issue come only when I mix between 16-bits and 8-bits sprites. I see two potential reason for this but need to make more test : I need to add 16-bits sprite before 8-bits sprites in the sprite list. I can't use different color depth sprites on the same drawing depth/plan. i'm really not sure, i need to test and test again. Yep, I'll try using branch. On this demo, I recreate the full sprite liste every new screen to be sure I didn't keep old sprites. I had this tearing at the beginning of my dev because I had keeping sprite for another screen. Now I have only necessary sprites. I am sure of that because the two versions use the same engine except the color depth. But I could make a mistake, it will not be the first time
  11. I'm waiting wednesday to buy the two carts
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