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    WIP: bexagon

    For falcon, for real...
  2. Yep, sorry. I forgot to remove the debug level mode It's christmas before christmas Great job. The secret is to use the left-right screen. Exit on one side, enter on the other side.
  3. We use the megadrive version by Shiru (with his agreement). Marss improved all assets with more color and animation. I hope so, Need to correct bugs before to make a perfect box version.
  4. Thanks, I use the removers library. It's a C lib. http://removers.free.fr/softs/download.php?lang=fr Yep, it's 8 bits game but I love 8-bits computer game
  5. Thanks guys Yep, I have made mono raw sound to save some space. I need to create and add mod file but didn't find time yet. I've an "old" version only with 8-bits graphx, so I had just change the gameplay engine. The issue come only when I mix between 16-bits and 8-bits sprites. I see two potential reason for this but need to make more test : I need to add 16-bits sprite before 8-bits sprites in the sprite list. I can't use different color depth sprites on the same drawing depth/plan. i'm really not sure, i need to test and test again. Yep, I'll try using branch. On this demo, I recreate the full sprite liste every new screen to be sure I didn't keep old sprites. I had this tearing at the beginning of my dev because I had keeping sprite for another screen. Now I have only necessary sprites. I am sure of that because the two versions use the same engine except the color depth. But I could make a mistake, it will not be the first time
  6. I'm waiting wednesday to buy the two carts
  7. but http://www.mitchell.jp/index.htmno longer exists. I tried to contact square-enix for taito but the only mail on their site doesn't works.
  8. Great game and never converted I think. If someone can have the copyright of originals games. Fixeight, Thunder hoop ... It'll be pain to play fighting game with only 3 button (SF, MK, ...)
  9. I have no doubt about it. Good work
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