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  1. The noise come from the Colecovision and it is amplified by the audio amp, while mixing the AY with the SP chip.
  2. That will require at less a crimsable 60pin edge connector and a custom male edge PCB. I should take a look about that.
  3. What yu said is interresting. May be the EVE module was enough protected against that? (I dont know) I suggest to Fred to take a look avout the EVE schematic to know how the audio mixing was done.
  4. TPR, I provide technical information, no more no less. Peoples known that I'm not Fred, so stop to perseguir me, or I will refer to a moderator. I'm not Fred. OK! If he said the same technical thing that me, it is only because it is the truth. And if you can't understand that, it is only because Opcade ask you to play this silly game for him. If you have problem with Fred, it is not mine... Now, STOP!
  5. The problem came from the audio amplifier required for mixing the speech IC that increase the Coleco internal noise too. So, it is obvious that Opcode's board can't have the same side effect.
  6. TPR, Please, leave me alone, I'm more borred by Opcode and you in 2 months than anymore on Internet since 20 years...
  7. If you have enough skill to not bend IC pins, can you do a test by removing the SP0 IC to know if the background sound is always persistant? By the way, I think that is not too hard to find a solution... Analog audio mixing is always a pain with old systems. Be sure that I will provide my help to fix that. First, I have to ask to Fred to send me a board to take a look.
  8. Thank you. It run on a standard Colecovision and cartridge. No SGM is required, but I don't exclude to support speech if all fit into 32K ROM. Because I think that Fred is not a bad guy and really try to help peoples to get something homemade with his capacities. It is sad for your experience, but I'm sure that your problem with this expansion is more related to the sound amplification and old Adam capacitors. Not a way to rip you.
  9. Hi Rey, Fred leave in USA. I leave in France, like Youki. I suggest the login/logoff are only related to GMT. I have registered here because I'm working on a new Colecovision game : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x39rl1s And because I have seen the Fred projects, that looked interresting in my point of view. I understand that Opcode was not happy to see peoples doing alternative boards, but by posting here, I was imediatly injured by Opcode from my first post. Since the begin, Opcode think that I'm Fred... But, I'm just a graphics and hardware guy. I'm not known from your atari/coleco community, but more I read posts agains peoples here, more I prefert to not continue to know your world and probably stop all my related Colecovision activity. Regards. EDIT: Thank you Youki, for your kind words.
  10. Rey, What I can read is more peoples receiving this hardware was happy to play with it. You are angry about prototype board and Famicom case, but you get what you bought and nothing was hidden to you. I think the real problem is more the fact that you have finally received the opcode's SGM, so you no more need both and better to get a refund. (the only mistake was to accept to sold you first a prototype instead of asking to wait... But it was exchanged) Your sound issue is sympomatic to old capacitors that no more filter the CPU signals, so the audio mixing amplifier embedded into the expansion increase this and turning up the TV set volume increase this lound sound. I have already ear that on many 80's systems, and a way to fix your problem is to recap your Adam or remove the speech chip from the expansion and use it like the original SGM. The Fred video show working SGM and speech chip. So, I don't see why he will take the risk to sell not working boards...
  11. Don't answer to a troll... Just signal him for his off topic posts...
  12. Assuming that Coleco ADAM is the Original design and SGM are bootleg. Yes, this is high-quality.
  13. For information, this expansion use high quality PCB design, made in USA and assembled in USA. It not use low cost chines services...
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